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ds in the Eternal Ice Castle were overjoyed.


Mar 5, 2024

The victory of the Eternal Heavenly Lord over the Immortal Lord Minhua is a great honor for everyone in the Eternal Ice Castle.
All the immortals gathered around.
In the distance, the expressions of the Master of Dragon Control of Langshan Mountain and the Young Master of Haiyan Palace, Lord Hai Xin, changed that day, with complex expressions on their faces.
They were both happy and worried at the same time.
Naturally, they were happy that Fairy Minhua failed to defeat the Eternal Heavenly King and brought Fairy Zihua into the tenth heaven. They still had hope.
What worries me is that this Eternal Heavenly King is stronger than imagined.
Immortal Lord Min Hua cannot take him away, and it will be even harder for them.
Deep in the eternal ice castle
Tian Ziju and Fairy Zihua also learned the outcome of the battle soon after.
She was also shocked by this ending.
She knew that the Eternal Heavenly Lord was very strong, but the Immortal Lord Minhua was even more famous.
There are too many ancient heavenly gods in the Tenth Heaven Realm’s Zhenjie Heavenly Lord. The ancient gods have praised that Immortal Lord Min Hua will surely become a Taoist.
On the side, Fairy Jiuling was dressed in light green clothes, with some sighs in her wonderful eyes.
Fairy Zihua said suddenly.
“I just don’t know if Min Hua is injured? Sister Jiuling, do you think it’s too much to say that I am not with Min Hua at this time, but instead am in seclusion here, hiding from him?”
There was some swaying in her eyes.
Fairy Jiuling hesitated slightly, then nodded for a moment.
“Senior Min Hua will inevitably be affected by his defeat. We should indeed go take a look at him!”
Hearing this, Fairy Zihua suddenly paused and made up her mind.
Temple of the Eternal Heavenly King.
Zhang Jian handed Jiuyou Soul, a treasure of heaven and earth, to the Ji family. The couple were discussing how to refine this treasure of heaven and earth to maximize the foundation of the Ji family. At this time, they received news that Fairy Zihua wanted to meet Meet the two.
Ji sighed after hearing this.
“Emperor, it seems that we and I can’t stop her after all?”
Zhang Jian shook his head and said.
/“The calamity of love is not that easy, not to mention that if she comes into contact with Immortal Lord Min Hua, it may not be part of her destiny!”
There was a faint smile in Zhang Jian’s eyes.
Ji’s expression moved slightly.
“Emperor, what did you notice during this battle?”
Zhang Jian nodded.
“I believe that Immortal Lord Min Hua is indeed deeply trapped in the calamity of love. He probably did not use the calamity of love to borrow this period of destiny to become enlightened.”
Zhang Jian’s expression was a little solemn. When he started fighting with Immortal Min Hua, he realized that Immortal Min Hua had reached the sixth step of Taiyi Consummation.
Moreover, I have completed the practice of Tao Cheng Jian Me and condensed the eternal will.
Next is the impact of the catastrophe.
Once you survive the

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