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Demon Valley in the Blood Ridge. They are all the hidden combat power of the Su family. , not only are the three blood elders deeply practiced, but those great demons with long lifespans, if they have different blood, can live for hundreds or even thousands of years even in the Age of Ending Dharma. After the passage of time, countless great monsters of the Foundation Establishment Realm were born. If these monster masters could be controlled by the Su family, I am afraid that the Zhu family and the Li family would be tied together and they would not be the opponents of the Su family.


Mar 6, 2024

Although the three blood clans are called one clan, in the eyes of an old man like Li Zhe, they are not actually the result of a three-legged confrontation and a check and balance of power. Perhaps there is no conflict between the Zhu, Su, and Li clans who have coexisted for hundreds of years. He had the intention of destroying the other two clans, but if he could take advantage of his position to suppress them, then the head of the Three Blood Clan would not refuse such an opportunity.
The endless thoughts in Li Zhe’s mind are basically what Zhu Peng has left. Zhu Peng has thought of all the pros and cons that he can think of. Zhu Peng can also think of pros and cons that he can’t think of, so Zhu Peng is very Know your situation at this time.
Li Zhe, who is in the Foundation Establishment Realm in front of him, is more difficult than he imagined. If he fights with all his strength, even if he uses all his methods, the odds of victory or defeat will only be about 50%, and the probability of victory or defeat will be half and half. At this moment, Gong Hanying suddenly jumped out, which undoubtedly gave him an excellent step down. As long as he followed Gong Hanying’s words, even if it was unreasonable, under the cover of Li Zhe and Gong Hanying, the whole thing would be solved. Things will also become sensible and reasonable.
In the future, when he marries Gong Hanying, he will basically establish a pattern of mutual assistance between the Li family and the Zhu family. This is a win-win situation and mutual benefit, and even the Su family can’t say anything about it. Although he stopped following Gong Hanying’s words, it was equivalent to abandoning his sword in front of Li Zhe and admitting defeat, but with a beautiful lady like Gong Hanying to compensate, and with the comfort of Li’s powerful wealth, no matter where he came from, From all aspects, it seems to be a good deal. Even if you suffer some losses when facing Li Zhe in the future, after the great elder Zhu Yun comes out of seclusion, these problems will be made up for and will no longer be a problem.
/All these troubles and great benefits can be solved at this moment with just a word and a nod from Zhu Peng, and everyone will be happy?
Because of Gong Hanying’s words, everything around him changed. The two men present who were at the peak of Earth Star’s combat power all stopped in silence. Li Zhe was staring at Zhu Peng. He couldn’t speak first. If he first If Zhu Peng

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