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ter committing the murder?”


Mar 5, 2024

God Emperor Danque said calmly.
“Although we have not been able to defeat the Taiyi clan in this battle, it does not mean that the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm cannot do anything to him. The Taiyi clan will not be free for long, and will eventually fall into a trap!”
God Emperor Danque was beautiful, and his gentle face also had a hint of coldness at this time.
The fall of Emperor Jin Xi and Emperor Chi Ling completely angered her.
Zhang Jian sat aside, and his heart moved secretly when he heard this.
God Emperor Danque doesn’t seem to be aiming for nothing, he seems to have prepared a killing move!
Zhang Jian had a guess in his mind. At this time, God Emperor Danque’s eyes fell on Zhang Jian. The jade face seemed to have melted, and the warmth returned to the depths of his eyes.
“Fellow Daoist Qinglian, it is thanks to you that you took care of everything in the underground network, so that I have no worries!”
Zhang Jian said.
“Your Majesty has made a serious statement. It is your duty to eat the emperor’s salary and bear the emperor’s worries!”
God Emperor Danque smiled with satisfaction deep in his eyes.
/After thinking about it, she said again.
“I heard that your innate divine pool of creation is not very popular in the Jinyuan Heavenly Realm, but I still need to borrow your innate divine pool for use. Are you willing?”
Zhang Jian cupped his hands slightly and said.
“The Divine Network of Creation is originally subordinate to the Earth Network, and you should obey His Majesty’s orders!”
Zhang Jian smiled.
As he said, the Divine Network of Creation is originally the second-level sub-network of the Earth Network.
Naturally, he couldn’t refuse the order from the Lord of the Central Divine Network.
In addition, he also needs the ‘protection’ of God Emperor Danque, so he will not refuse!
Outside the Divine Network of Creation and the Divine Pond of Innate Creation, God Emperor Danque is now wearing luxurious silk clothes. She is wearing a yellow skirt and has a gentle temperament. She does not look like an earth goddess, but rather a gentle and affectionate one. The goddess, followed by Taoist Qingyue.
At this time, the source of innate creation within the Divine Pond of Innate Creation condensed into autumn water, which was clear and bright.
It’s just that the origin of innate creation is slightly ups and downs, and there seems to be an infinite rhythm of creation flowing out of it, possessing a kind of divine energy that can make up for the shortcomings of all things in the world.
Can turn decay into magic.
Zhang Jian glanced at God Emperor Danque and asked in a deep voice.
“Your Majesty, could you please tell me more about whether your Majesty suffered an ordinary Dao injury, or has the original source been injured?”
Zhang Jian’s piercing eyes fell on the God Emperor Danque.
There was a slight fluctuation in the gentle eyes of God Emperor Danque.
“What about Tao injuries? What about origin injuries?”
Zhang Jian hesitated slightly and glanced at Qingyue Taoist Master

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