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ulation and cultivated themselves into immortal bodies.


Mar 5, 2024

This is also the reason why the two second-generation ancestors of Kiriyama Taoism are confident about their ascension.
Zhang Jian stepped into the void, and when the immortals saw his figure, they all smiled.
“Ayu, I’m waiting for you!”
Seeing Zhang Jian, a smile appeared on the corner of the Ancestor’s mouth, and he could not hide the joy on his expression.
“Disciple, congratulations to Master Qingyuan, uncle, and congratulations to the Patriarch for his perfect Dao and his ascension to the Heavenly Palace!”
Ancestor Qing Yuan glanced at Zhang Jian and smiled.
“Ayu, it won’t be long before we see each other again, but you may still be our superior by then. The two old guys Division and I will still have to rely on you!”
Zhang Jian looked solemn, cupped his hands slightly and said:
“Disciples don’t dare!”
“My uncle and my ancestor are elders, and they have always taken good care of my disciples. I am very grateful!”
Ancestor Qingyuan and Ancestor Exception looked at each other with a smile deep in their eyes.
This is enough to comfort my disciples for a lifetime!
After Zhang Jian arrived, the two ancestors glanced at everyone present.
What needs to be explained has already been done.
Especially the Patriarch of the Exorcist, who has resigned from his position as the Immortal Official in the World, and recommended the Demon-Slaying Lord to the Heavenly Court to replace him in the Zhoushan Realm. He thought that the official decree from the Heavenly Court would be given soon, and he felt a huge stone in his heart at that moment. .
The Patriarch of the Exorcism took one last look at the Demon-Slaying True Monarch next to him.
“To kill the demon, Tongshan Taoism depends on you!”
Demon-Slaying True Monarch had a solemn expression on her beautiful jade face, and she said in a deep voice.
“Master, don’t worry. This disciple will do his duty faithfully and protect our Tongshan Taoism, just like your master protects his disciples!”
The eyes of Ancestor Chufa were filled with memories.
King Xia Yu back then had told him and Zidian Ancestor like this.
Now his mission has been successfully completed.
The two second-generation ancestors looked at each other without any worries.
/Immediately, they each activated the heavenly talismans in their bodies.
I saw two nine-colored divine light rushing straight into Dou Mansion in an instant.
The nine-colored divine light above the sky fills the fairyland.
The heavenly voice fluttered, the fairy voice was faint, and a nine-color fairy light fell from the sky, instantly manifesting into a gate to heaven.
Deep inside the gate of heaven, several figures seemed to have greeted him inside.
It seems vaguely possible to see the figures of the second-generation ancestors of the Patriarch Hall.
Under the nine-colored divine light of the portal to heaven, the figures of the two second-generation ancestors slowly rose into the air. The two of them took one last look at the human world. There was both reluctance and

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