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us concepts and the mysterious combination of rules and powers in a short period of time. He could only feel the fabric of the great ways. It is like a heaven and earth trap trapping people in it, which can constantly wear away the Tao of the living beings inside, deduce the lives of the living beings, and change the reality and reality of the Tao.


Mar 5, 2024

There is a special avenue of heaven and earth inside, which is higher than the source of the avenue of the heavens and emptiness.
/That kind of root is extremely grand and all-encompassing, but it is also transcendent from all the roots of heaven and earth!
Taoist Master Changsheng also knew that this must be the foundation of Zhang Jian’s path to becoming a strong man.
But in his opinion, this foundation is too grand.
Even he felt incomprehensible when faced with the power of this source.
“It’s amazing!”
Changsheng Taoist secretly thought that this kind of accumulation of great avenues was simply beyond the imagination and vision of ordinary Taoists.
He knew that Demon Saint Bai Ze had met his opponent this time!
“It’s a pity that Taoism has not been improved yet, otherwise this supreme magical power may not be easy to crack!”
Taoist Master Changsheng can also see it.
The purple-yellow Tai Chi dimensional model is extremely complicated, with one link after another, trying to unravel.
This is a large-scale field-control-type root power.
/There are only two ways to escape. In a short period of time, you can deduce how this magic works and crack it.
Or it could be broken by violence.
Bai Ze Demon Saint’s wisdom and accumulation are all top-notch. Changsheng Taoist Master knows that this may not be able to trap the opponent for too long, not to mention that the opponent’s Taoism is still better than Zhang Jian.
This is a huge advantage.
But in an instant Taoist Changsheng changed his mind.
I saw a radiance of innate spiritual treasures appearing all over Zhang Jian’s body. Zhang Jian rarely used the innate spiritual treasures on his own initiative.
But when a powerful person uses his innate spiritual treasure, its power is truly earth-shattering.
A vast purple-yellow divine light emerged from around him, and a leaf of gold paper was opened from the Earth Emperor’s Golden Book. It seemed that each piece was engraved with the true shape of the magnificent earth.
Magnificent divine energy manifests from it, as if the unbearable weight of the universe has condensed and formed from it, blessing the Earth Emperor Bagua.
Looking carefully, the celestial world, the heavenly world, the Jinyuan heavenly world, the true world of immortality, and the great thousand realms appeared on the golden paper. The phantoms of the heavens and the earth were suppressed in the earth emperor’s Bagua. The speed of the Earth Emperor’s Bagua increased dramatically.
The purple-yellow dragon-shaped divine light turned into a torrent of turbid air that filled the sky, and flooded towards the Demon Saint Baize from all directions.
The power of the gods is so powerful that even the Taoi

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