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Realm, obviously cannot easily be taken advantage of by ordinary opponents, so Zhu Peng simply let the wind go and attracted the attention of the entire cultivation world. .


Mar 5, 2024

It doesn’t matter if Lingxiao Jiange and Earth Evil Ghost Heart Sect fail once, twice or even three times or five times. As long as the noise is loud enough and enough people die, the Eternal Sect and the Holy Land forces will be unable to sit still for a little longer. After all, the leader of the world’s sects is not that stubborn, and it is impossible for you to just take advantage and not work.
In short, no matter who succeeds or fails or who is at fault in these matters, Zhu Peng is sure to take out the Blood Soul Clan, even if the entire Suixin Treasure Cave is really breached in the end, and the massive resources and treasures are divided by a massive number of participating forces. , how much can be left in the end? Is the blood paid equal to the final harvest? All of this will be unknown, and Zhu Peng doesn’t like to leave his fate to the unknown.
Qinwang Cave Heavenly Blood Soul Ridge, because of the turmoil in the northern cultivation world and the astounding and thrilling treasure-gathering cave, the ancient spiritual realm of Qinwangling, Xuanming Jiuyou, should have caused quite a stir in the earth and star cultivation world. The opening of caves, ancient tombs in the Qinling Tombs of Pre-Qin Dynasty was like a fart in the storm, without causing any ripples or reverberations. So unlike the Man Monk Temple in the Daxue Mountains, the Netherworld Jiuyou Cave House, a big cake unearthed locally in the Qinling Mountains, will be divided and swallowed up by the most powerful sects in the Qinwangling Mountains.
/And in the entire second-level spiritual land Qinwang Ridge, which force can conquer the Blood Soul Ridge? I am afraid that all the other sects in the Qinwang Ridge will join forces to fight with the Blood Soul Ridge to the end. I am afraid that who will win in the end and who loses will only be known after a real fight. In a word, the combat potential of the Blood Soul Clan has distanced itself from other sect forces, but because of this, some forces that are unwilling to stay dormant have launched an all-out counterattack.
“No, such a plan as the Blood Soul Ridge will never work. It is simply using the disciples of our small sect as cannon fodder. Although the monks of our Hanshan Academy are not inferior to those of the Blood Soul cultivators in combat strength and quality, most of the disciples under my sect He is only good at ice magic, and his adaptability is far inferior to yours. If something happens to us when we enter together, will it be up to you, the blood monks, to save the lives of our Hanshan disciples?”
A monk with a rough appearance and a blue robe stood in the hall and yelled at Gong Hanying. The overflowing saliva almost splashed onto Gong Hanying’s pretty face like a flower and jade, but despite his heart It’s disgusting, but Gong Hanying can’t retreat and doesn’t dare to retreat. He has been working in t

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