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rom outside the fortified city.


Mar 5, 2024

The first two times the city was broken, the mortal civilians in the city were quite scared. They swarmed at the gate of the seventh-level city of Blood, crying and shouting to enter the city. Several people were even killed because of the support and stampede. However, the city was broken again and again. Not a single Zerg or desolate beast was seen to really break through the defensive line of the blood cultivators. After the fight, there were even a few bold mortals with a deep hatred for the Zerg beasts. They took advantage of the damaged gate at the top of the city to attack the Zerg outside. The beast alliance throws stones and bricks. Of course, God only knows how much damage this method can actually produce.
The Soil Array was opened, and layers of black soil and yellow mud squirmed and grew like flesh and blood, wrapping the original fortified skeleton of the eighth layer of blood, swallowing up all the hard materials around it except for “settings” , mainly due to the corpses of a large number of dead insect beasts around, and then gradually cooled and solidified with the blowing of the wind, slowly returning to the original appearance of the fortified city. Even due to the absorption of a large amount of insect beast bones, the entire eighth-level city wall of the Blood Soul was completely destroyed. A faint layer of bone color emerged. After being added with layers of defensive spells by the auxiliary monks of Blood Ridge, the new eighth layer of Blood Soul City Wall looked even thicker and more difficult to break. The Tianhu boy who was trying his best to persist in the distance had to give up and smile bitterly, writing the word “submit” in his heart.
/At the same time, more than 150 mecha-iron giants with spiritual weapon levels rushed out of the city under the control of mortal controllers, echoing the air force’s direct attack on the hiding place of the Sky Fox boy and the god clan commander Shangguan Minglu.
This is not the first time that Zhu Peng has grasped their hiding place. It’s just that as a high-level wild beast with a special status, the Tianhu boy is surrounded by the guarding beasts who are really dead. They are both elite, sharp and brave. Regardless of his life, every beheading operation arranged by Zhu Peng ended in failure. However, at this moment in the battle, the Tianhu boy and the orc guards around him were almost dead. Coupled with the menacing attack of his opponent, it was really difficult. If he doesn’t retreat, he won’t succeed. If he doesn’t retreat, he will die.
Gritting his teeth, he assessed the difference between his life and his face. Finally, the seven-tailed Sky Fox boy said bitterly: “Let’s go.”
He didn’t even dare to look at Shangguan Minglu beside him. Shangguan Minglu appeared in a battleship at the top of Blood Soul City. Not only did he escape unscathed, but he also tested some of the real and false conditions of Blood Soul City. How could he be like himself? After seven days and seven nights of hard fighting, with all the

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