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ets to be eliminated from the demon clan, as well as the heretics and the demonic world outside the territory.


Mar 4, 2024

The chance of survival is slim!
But now he has changed his mind.
If such a terrifying existence is encountered by a strong person from the side sect or a strong demon clan, it will only be other people who have the sense of being born at the wrong time.
How cruel this man is.
He can drive hundreds of chaotic creatures to extinction with one person’s power!
Emperor Guangsheng was shocked, but he still opened the door to chaos.
He did not doubt Zhang Jian.
Because with Zhang Jian’s current height, there was absolutely no need to lie to him.
If you want to go against him, Chaos Market may not be able to stop the opponent. Even his incarnation of three corpses will be destroyed by the opponent in one encounter.
When Zhang Jian entered the Chaos Market at this time, he found that the entire Chaos Market was empty.
But Zhang Jian could clearly sense that there were still some chaotic creatures whose energy had just dispersed.
A faint smile appeared on Zhang Jian’s lips.
“Fellow Guangsheng is really impeccable in his work.”
When Emperor Guangsheng heard this, he smiled slightly and didn’t take it seriously. He just asked.
“His Majesty the Earth Emperor entered Market No. 9, but do you want to buy or sell the divine materials of chaos in your hands?”
Emperor Guangsheng has quickly entered the state.
He looked at Zhang Jian with slightly bright eyes.
If the hidden dangers and risks are eliminated, the Emperor of Earth in front of him is definitely a big customer.
After all, the other party had just killed hundreds of chaotic creatures.
Even if you only take the chaotic divine materials from these chaotic creatures, that is still a huge fortune!
Not to mention that these chaotic creatures have some wealth.
That doesn’t add up to a huge amount of money!
Zhang Jian glanced around and didn’t care too much.
/When he entered this place, he really wanted to buy some chaotic divine materials.
However, unlike the wealth envisioned by Emperor Guangsheng, his net worth can only be considered average.
After those chaotic creatures were killed by him, because he was worried about being trapped by the long azure river, the real bodies of the chaotic creatures and some of their unique chaotic divine materials were sacrificed by him.
Including the two Chaos Demon Gods.
However, I also collected a few special chaotic treasures on my body.
Zhang Jian is going to exchange it for some Chaos Divine Materials to refining two natal spiritual treasures!
Chapter 809 is achieved, the two corpses of good and evil are completed
In front of the counter, Zhang Jian took out several special chaos materials.
“Fellow Daoist Guangsheng, come and take a look, how much is this chaotic divine material worth?”
As he waved his hand, several strange artifacts appeared.
Zhang Jian looked at these strange artifacts with a faint smile in his eyes.
Emperor Guangsheng glanced at him, but his expression was slightly condensed.

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