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lete the true integration of his own strength and cultivation realm in the shortest possible time.


Mar 4, 2024

“Ho ho ho ho ho”
Suddenly there was a huge fluctuation of vitality. Not to mention Zhu Sansan, even Zhu Peng also raised his eyebrows slightly and turned around. He saw that the aura of the formation under Su Xin’s feet had reached its peak. At the same time, the five-pointed direction with it as the core, A continuously rotating red magic circle appeared on each side, which was the same as the one under Su Xin’s feet.
The five crimson magic circles that suddenly appeared in the scorpion group were like knives and wheels, cutting and killing the surrounding scorpion groups quickly, and there were constant loud roars coming from them.
After a moment, five crimson-colored pythons, their bodies burning with terrifying heat, emerged from the five magic circles. After they appeared, they either spit out incandescent fire, or simply rolled and crushed them with the brute force of their bodies. In short, The red flame giant snake is quite at home in the high temperature of the sand sea. It has a lot of MT potential to attract the firepower of scorpions. It can attract monsters and provide human shields, so it is extremely competent.
/Although the Red Fire Scorpion Legion in the Huangsha Tomb of Huangying Camp is quite powerful, and although in addition to a foundation-level Fire Scorpion King, there are four other small BOSS-level giant scorpions commanding the Fire Scorpion Army, Zhu Peng and his party The comprehensive strength of the five people was so much beyond their reach that when the Fire Scorpion King was destroyed by a red flame curse from Li Liehuo, Zhu Peng and his party did not encounter any real trouble, and even summoned Of the five red flame snakes that came, only one was seriously injured and retreated, but the remaining four were still full of strength and could still fight.
“Passing through the first domain ‘Huangsandong Tomb of the Deserted Camp’, no one died in battle, and the Red Fire Scorpion Legion was completely destroyed. It took one hour and forty-three minutes, and the reward statistics are in progress.”
Not just Zhu Peng, but everyone present got this piece of information, because this time it was not the thoughts that were directly absorbed into someone’s mind, but the yellow sand under Zhu Peng’s feet, which was suddenly described by an invisible pen. Words, sentences and ideas.
“After counting, the rewards are: 1, three thousand flying scorpion eggs, 2, a king scorpion puppet, 3, a red scorpion fire spirit armor, 4, fifty kilograms of fire crystals.” There were clearly five challengers. However, only four rewards are given here, and the values ??vary greatly and are not equal. If it is a small team purely bound by interests, even if it is stronger, the relationship and even the strength of each other may be affected due to distribution issues. Cooperate.
But the five people in Zhu Peng’s group are different. They are familiar with each other, and they know each other deeply and are of t

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