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Lin Buyan was good at dancing and had a lot of connections outside. Even the chief officials of Huangji Sect were willing to give him face. In addition, the Lingxiao Sword Sect itself is very powerful and is a top-notch swordsmanship sect in Yuezhou. Leader Lin raised his arms and called out, and the heroes responded, and his appeal was extremely strong.
Therefore, there is no force in Yuezhou that invades Beijun Mountain. The so-called foreign enemies are, to put it bluntly, Mei Wangsu’s lineage.
The formation of the Emotional Lingxiao Sword Sect is aimed at the monks in the integration stage!
Lu Bei wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said speechlessly: “It’s too dangerous. You have to have a certain temper in the military. The mountains are full of thunder. If a disciple makes a mistake, the banquet will be kicked off on the spot.”
No wonder Lin Buyan secretly asked him to find out. If he was really careless, Ding from Ningzhou would be in trouble this time.
“It’s okay, just get used to it.”
Lin Yu shrugged and pointed to the mountain in the distance: “For example, that killing array is usually idle. Only when the leader activates the earth veins can it truly show its power. Under normal circumstances, if you fall into the array, you will just get lost. You will not Life is in danger.”
With that said, Lin Yu taught Lu Bei a set of formulas, the Lingxiao Sword Sect’s formation method. If you fall into the formation, you don’t have to rush around. You can find the exit according to the formulas.
Of course, this is theoretical. The formation is unpredictable and there is no trace of it. If you really fall into the formation, the instructions will not work. Don’t panic, shout for help and wait for others to pass by.
“What should we do if the killing array is activated and someone accidentally falls into the array?”
Lin Yu said bluntly: “Finding a shady corner to lie down can effectively prevent the body from smelling bad.”
Lu Bei:
I can’t tell, but you Air Force guy has quite a sense of humor.
Lin Yu said a lot, but other than a set of theoretically useful formulas, he didn’t provide much help.
Lu Bei recalled what Lin Buyan had said and suspected that the core of Lingxiao Sword Sect’s formations was only known to the second-generation disciples at the master level. Even Lin Yu, the third-generation disciple and the master’s own son, Lin Yu, had not been informed.
I wonder if senior sister has any inside information?
Lu Bei murmured in his heart that Bai Jin was in the critical period of consolidating his realm, so interrupting him rashly might make his foundation unstable and affect his future practice. After much deliberation, it seemed that he could only go to Lu Buwang.
/Absolutely impossible!
Lu Bei respected this tiger and wolf as much as his uncle, and would not look for her. He immediately had an idea and dragged Lin Yu around the mountain out of curiosity.
Note down the position of the formation, and avoid it when the time comes. If you are not trapped in the format

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