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this piece of land is opposite the Forget-Not Peak, and Lu Bei will be blocked by people as soon as he goes out.


Mar 4, 2024

Immediately afterwards, the Lingxiao Sword Sect spread the news that the death of the two elders of the Huangji Sect was actually caused by the Nine Swordsmen Elder of the Tianjian Sect, with the purpose of putting the blame on the Lingxiao Sword Sect.
Something doesn’t sound right, and Leader Lin still has an explanation.
There are indeed remnants of Qinggan within Tianjian Sect, who have been hiding for thousands of years and have taken control of the Elders Council. The war is definitely not a private fight between Tianjian Sect and Huangji Sect, but a war that spreads throughout Wuzhou.
The Lingxiao Sword Sect couldn’t bear the loss of life and resolutely refused the order to start an uprising in Yuezhou. This prompted the Tianjian Sect to retaliate, which led to the frame-up and the small friction between the Lingxiao Sword Sect and the Huangji Sect.
It’s not a big problem, it’s a small problem. The three elders were seriously injured, and they are not dead. They can just be taken care of.
For a long time, the Lingxiao Sword Sect has given Wuzhou people the misunderstanding that the Tianjian Sect is at the helm. This is a deliberate act of the Tianjian Sect and is self-inflicted. Because of this relationship, he has now been stabbed in the back.
/The glorious history of Qinggan has been too long and has long been forgotten by the world. In comparison, Huangji Sect attracts more attention.
[The Emperor’s soldiers were defeated in Junshan]
[The three great elders were besieged and defeated, and they were defeated by the same person]
Qing Gan or whatever, it’s not as fun to watch the Emperor Ji Zong suffer. Many cultivating forces in Wuzhou have been suffering from the Emperor Ji Zong for a long time. They dream of punching these people in the face. Now that someone has realized their dream, they naturally want to praise it. Get up and blow as hard as you can.
Of the three great elders, Lu Zhou was the most famous, while the low-key Zhu Yuan and Zhu Xiuzhu were rarely known.
But it doesn’t matter, they were praised as being as powerful as Lu Zhou in the integration stage.
Zhu Xiuzhu:
Are you polite?
The reputation of Lu Bei, who single-handedly defeated three great elders and drove away thousands of monks from the Emperor’s Supreme Sect, spread throughout Wuzhou. He was so praised that he had three heads and six arms, a green face and tusks, and even the children within the Emperor’s Supreme Sect could stop crying.
Although there is something wrong, Xuanyin Division has tried its best. There are too many people in Huangji Sect, and his handsome appearance has been distorted.
Lu Bei’s reputation had been widely spread twice before, one for raiding the East Prince’s Mansion, and the other for forcibly breaking into the West Prince’s Mansion.
The influence is average. The East Palace has been lonely for many years and is famous as a pig farm. Although the West Palace is strong, it is als

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