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the present is to complete the map of mountains, rivers and society.


Mar 4, 2024

While thinking, the true meaning of the Five Elements turned into a stream of light and merged into the Mountains and Rivers Community Map, making the divine energy of heaven and earth rolling in the Mountains and Rivers Community Map more solemn.
“Next is the reality!”
Zhang Jian looked thoughtful.
He had previously obtained a volume of “The Sutra of No Phase” from the East Study Room. The last time he saw the ghost mother’s magical power of transforming virtual reality into reality, he understood something and confidently created a Yin-god-level virtual reality transformation spell. difficulty.
Zhang Jian’s mood improved a lot after he completed the practice of Five Elements Artistic Concept. Later in the evening, after communicating with Qi Yuhua, he put on his clothes and went to bed.
And at midnight, he woke up naturally. This time, Yang Shen really sensed the strange movement of the ‘ancestor picture’ in the ancestral temple. Yang Shen wandered and escaped into the ancestral temple.
But he saw a red light flying out from the ‘Ancestor Picture’, like a phoenix with red light flowing into his hands.
A moment later, on the Luo bed, Zhang Jianyang was in a state of consciousness, and he gently stood up from Qi Yuhua’s side.
He appeared in the yard wearing clothes, but a piece of beautiful jade appeared in his hand.
There is also a large and extremely detailed message.
There was a smile in his eyes, but the benefits he received this time were unexpected.
Phoenix jade.
Between heaven and earth, an ancient phoenix with extremely powerful Taoism was transformed into a failed attack on the Taoist Lord.
His phoenix spirit collapsed, and in the fall of his body and great destruction, the remaining pure spirit was left for nine days. It was accidentally attracted by a jade vein, and combined with the innate spiritual material, the innate Qian Yuan Baoyu, turned into a phoenix jade, which contained part of the phoenix spirit. Qi, the divine flame of Nirvana, nourishes the physical body.
This treasure belongs to fire and contains the power of the innate fire spirit. If you practice the magical method of fire attribute and combine it with the flames of Nirvana, you can strengthen your own fire attribute roots and there is a certain hope of obtaining the innate Nirvana body.
The innate Nirvana Taoist body is an innate immortal body. Every time Nirvana is successful, the body will be improved by one level.
/If it falls into the hands of the Phoenix Clan, they can take this opportunity to cleanse, transform their bloodline, and awaken the magical power of Nirvana.
“Good baby!”
A glimmer of light appeared in Zhang Jian’s eyes. A treasure of this level could be called an unparalleled divine object. If it fell into the hands of the real person with the fire attribute Yuanshen, it would be of great use.
Zhang Jian turned his eyes and already had an idea in his mind about what to do with Fang Phoenix Jade.
If this treasure falls into his hands, i

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