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in Seven Kills City. The student instructors entered the venue and drew lots to rank. Under the Holy Land’s completely shady operation, the seeded players were all drawn in a fair and simple order, ensuring that they would not meet in advance.


Mar 3, 2024

There are also those who make mistakes.
Such as Zhu Qilan.
Her lottery ranking was far worse than Zhu Dao’s because Lu Bei faked a match when he played against her and failed to show his strength in front of the examiners. She was evaluated as Wu’s second seed player, below Zhu Dao, and after promotion The road takes a lot of effort.
The zero-seeded player Lu Bei ended the competition early. He had nothing to do for the next month and a half. If he was interested, he could act as a mascot on the side of the field. If he was not interested, he would go to the ring area to stand guard and teach the students what boxing is.
Lu Bei was too lazy to be a mascot, but due to the city’s lockdown, he could not return to Tianxiang City, so he could only rent a small arena in Qisha City and waste his time every day.
Time flies, and the time comes to December 6th.
Easy pass.
/According to Lu Bei’s estimation, this girl has no chance of winning the 1.0 version of the individual competition. Fan Tianyin came on the stage too early, and her magic power may not be able to maintain Fan Tianyin’s strength when her opponent is targeting her.
It didn’t matter if he was eliminated. Lu Bei didn’t feel bad at all. Principal Gao’s reputation was brought out by his innate strength. The plan for the leek garden was completed. It didn’t matter whether Xiao Fengxian was the champion or not.
He no longer insisted on using the hands of Xiaofengxian to disseminate the synthesis method of Xiantian Yiqi. He only hid half of it. He used the skills of Five Elements Destiny and Eight Locks Qimen Tu in the competition, and he was so exhausted with the experience in his hands. The players followed the trend and deduced that it would not be long before Xiantian Yiqi was ruined.
During these days of suspension, events such as arena matches, mission matches, and death races will be held one by one, giving players time to catch their breath and whet the appetite of the audience.
The competition in the Holy Land of the Human Race was held regardless of rain or shine, and the small arena in Lubei was doing very well. From being empty-handed to young people from Wuling vying for the top spot, geniuses from all over the world came to compete to be beaten first.
Especially students who had a competition the next day even raised their ticket prices in order to get a challenge letter.
All the money was taken away by Lu Bei and Lezi people.
Geniuses are willing to be beaten not because they have awakened some strange physique, but because they have discovered tips for preparing for exams.
Being punched by Lu Bei has the advantage of calming down and concentrating, just like Chang Qingyu, who gritted his teeth and came to the stage and left in a deserted state. He felt that the evil thoughts in his heart were swe

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