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actually took the opportunity to touch him on the physical level.


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Forget it, after all, this is the first time the eldest girl has been on the sedan chair, so just forgive her this time.
“I’m just too kind.”
Lu Bei sighed, took out his hand from the lapel of Zhan Hongqu’s clothes, pointed it like a sword and pointed it at the center of his eyebrows, injecting the innate Qi once again.
The Immortal Sword Intent Palace is closed, the red song is trembling, the eyelashes are trembling, the beautiful eyes are blurred and slightly dull, and the eyes looking at Lu Bei are quite puzzled.
Why did it stop?
“The days are long and the sword will be there at any time. First, stabilize the realm.” Lu Bei explained.
The two of them practiced dual cultivation. The main goal of cutting the red song was the immortal sword intention, and breaking through the integration stage was the secondary goal. Lu Bei is just the opposite. The purpose of cultivating spare tires is to give back a lot of experience. Only when he reaches the level of red song can he fly with him.
There is no problem with the initial investment, but don’t do anything that is not beneficial. How to cultivate dual cultivation must be done at his own pace.
Zhan Hongqu nodded drowsily, immersed in his mind, closed his senses, and tried his best to stabilize the state of the integration stage.
Lu Bei patted his butt and left the single room. Referring to Bai Jin’s stable integration stage, it would take about half a month to seize the red song. If the time was too long, he would not accompany him.
/Late April.
There are only three days left in the countdown to the end of the open beta.
When Hu San arrived in the capital, there was no news. He didn’t know where he was thrown by Hu Er for training.
In the past, Hu Er looked at his son and said that although he was not good at this or that, he could still get by, at least he was easy to beat.
Now that he has a godson, he can no longer look down on his biological son, who can be seen as much as he wants. If he doesn’t beat him three to five times a day, he will feel uncomfortable all over.
Why did I give birth to a waste like you?
The situation in the capital was treacherous. As the imperial city of Wuzhou and the absolute center of political power, it was the first and most keenly aware of the harbingers of chaos.
The first is Luzhou, where the Tianjian Sect is located. Ever since the Tianjian Peak was tilted, the sword cultivators felt as if they were facing a formidable enemy. After experiencing the robbery of the Iron Mountain Prison in Shuizeyuan, they completely entered a wartime state, and the soldiers were in a chilling atmosphere.
Not to mention the Iron Sword Alliance, under the instruction of the Tianjian Sect, the light of sword sharpening at the Jianxiu Mountain Gate can be seen everywhere in the twelve states and eighty-four counties of Wuzhou.
The mountain rain is coming, the wind is filling the building, and the dark clouds of war are hanging over Wu Zhou.
These days, Lu Bei adheres to the

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