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likely possibility would be to become a mediocre person, with achievements not even as good as Feng Yi.


Mar 3, 2024

boom! !
The two fists collided, and the starlight wavered.
Feng Yi roared wildly, overwhelming Lu Bei in terms of momentum for the first time. The half-demon’s body was slender and straight, and he wielded the Five Elements Blade with his sharp claws, opening five bloody wounds on Lu Bei’s chest and face.
With one successful blow, Feng Yi saw the hope of victory, and his body shook up, and the phantom of the phoenix soared up.
The shadow with a wingspan of thousands of feet expanded infinitely, seeming to have formed some kind of realm, imprisoning time and space, making the stars unable to move according to their original trajectories. The three hundred and sixty-five main stars were affected, and they were all stiff and unable to move.
“Yes, there is something.”
Lu Bei raised his hand to wipe away the scratches on his face, and put one hand behind his back: “In that case, I will unlock the seal and use my three skills to play with you.”
God’s destiny is my destiny!
The top magical power of the demon clan, an exclusive and unique one that can only be understood by the blood of Kunpeng. It is on the same level as the Golden Crow’s Tian Wu Er Ri, ranking at the pinnacle of all demons.
Lu Bei’s four major attributes soared, surpassing Feng Yi in all aspects. His fists and claws were as powerful as the wind and rain, and Feng Yi was unable to raise his head once they fought.
The latter can also become stronger, stimulate his blood under pressure, and realize his talents on the spot.
/Whenever he gets faster and stronger, Lu Bei becomes faster and stronger than him, like an insurmountable mountain or an infinitely dark abyss, so deep that he cannot see the end.
Feng Yi believed that Lu Bei was playing cat-and-mouse. Although he could kill with one blow, he lowered his cultivation level to just one level above him. While playing with his spirit and will, he brought despair and never tired of it.
Soon, the magical power left by Feng Xu dissipated, and Feng Yi’s momentum plummeted.
Lu Bei stopped the Great God’s command at the right time, raised his five fingers, and cut the golden edge with his sharp claws, leaving several claw marks on Feng Yi’s face and chest.
Looking at the hot phoenix blood, Lu Bei thought thoughtfully. Kunpeng was very strong and was at the top of the demon clan. The only one at the same level was the Golden Crow.
The first generation Demon King was quite polite to the Phoenix Clan, which shows that the Phoenix Clan’s bloodline is not bad. It is possible and very likely that the Phoenix Clan, refined to perfect bloodline, can also reach the peak of the Demon Clan, comparable to Kunpeng and Golden Crow.
In this case, there is a possibility that the bloodline source of the Phoenix clan may live on the third floor of the Demonic Creation Tower.
Worth a try!
Feng Yi struggled to resist the weight of the stars, panting, his hands and feet were like lead. Facing Lu Be

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