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on-suppressing document from Emperor Xuanwu of the North. It can summon the turtle and snake generals, and has the great magical power to imprison all monsters. If you hold this object, the monsters in the wilderness will not be able to hurt you.” Yinglong said calmly.


Mar 3, 2024

Really or not, you kid is putting this cake aside again!
Although Lu Bei seriously lacked the knowledge of cultivating immortals, he was not blind, and it was written clearly on his personal panel. There was also the word “Fragment” at the end of Emperor Xuanwu’s demon-suppressing document. This magic weapon was incomplete.
Also, with Xuanwu in the north, are there great emperors in the southeast and west as well?
Yinglong acted dishonestly and deducted Sixiang’s magic weapon. He was Xuanwu, and the Great Emperor’s document should be his.
“Refine it well, this thing will come in handy.”
/Ying Long gave an order: “With me taking care of you, the demon clan in the wilderness has nothing to fear. You don’t have to worry about anything. With your methods, it shouldn’t be difficult to become the Demon King.”
“How did this happen?”
Lu Bei accepted the Emperor’s document, winked and said, “Since I have responded to my repeated requests, I have been disrespectful and become the Demon Emperor with tears in my eyes.”
Ha, you are obviously laughing all the time.
Ying Long saw this in his eyes and said casually: “Tell me, after you become the Demon Emperor, how are you going to control the emperor and the eight kings of the Ten Thousand Demon Kingdom?”
“There’s no rush. To be a demon emperor is to look like a demon emperor. I plan to choose a demon queen first and enrich the harem at the same time.”
As expected of me, the dog-watcher is really accurate. If the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons has this Demon King, why worry about not being destroyed!
Yinglong was very satisfied with Lu Bei’s answer and was convinced that he was the Lord of the Underworld. As for the fact that Lu Bei’s style was no different from that of the first Demon Emperor, Yinglong didn’t take it to heart.
Without the fists of the first-generation Demon Emperor, we can only be the second-generation Demon Emperor. The more we imitate the first-generation Demon Emperor, the faster the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons will perish.
“As for one emperor and eight kings”
Lu Bei touched his chin: “Let’s keep the Phoenix clan for now. Let’s deal with the eight kings first. If we can force them to rebel, it would be best to split the Ten Thousand Monsters Kingdom.”
“I won’t deal with the Phoenix clan. I listen to your wishes and get very close to them.” Ying Long sneered.
“It’s okay, I’ve already touched the clan leader Huang Xiao’s butt.”
“This phoenix is ??weird. I insist that my little brother’s demon body is destined to her. Big brother, you know me. I couldn’t bear the grievance, so I touched it.”
Lu Bei raised his hand, put it under his nose and sniffed: “She is quite scheming. She used her beauty to seduce her, and wanted to use Xuan’s hand to suppress her daughter Huang Yu. One by

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