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y, only the outer Jiulong Suppression Demonic Forbidden City has been broken, and the inner layer of Pure Yang Gold Photovoltaic Demonic Restriction is still intact. It seems that the visitor is not clear about the structure of the Three-Eyed Evil Suppressing Well!”


Mar 4, 2024

After hearing this, several other Taoists of the Dongzi generation looked slightly relaxed.
The situation is not at its worst yet!
Taoist Jingming’s face was cold, and his eyes were even less warm:
/“Four uncles, the Three Eyes Suppressing Well was able to be preserved this time, not because of the mercy of the person who did it, but entirely by luck. It all relied on the ingenious design of the master and several masters when they set up the confinement. But this kind of luck only happens once. , if the other party comes back next time, I’m afraid they won’t be so lucky!”
Taoist Dongzhen stroked his beard slightly and asked, “Master nephew, what are you going to do?”
“It’s not enough to just rely on the surveillance of Shinto and the presence of Taoists from the imperial court!”
Taoist Jingming’s eyes were like lightning at this time.
“All the masters and uncles know the importance of this place. The Iron Pen Judge who is guarding this place needs a stronger monk to guard it!”
“I hope to leave an uncle to guard this place until the master returns. I wonder which uncle is willing to stay here?”
His sharp eyes fell on the four Taoist priests of Dongzi generation.
Hearing this, several Taoist priests of the Dongzi generation frowned.
Guarding the Three Eyes Suppression Well is a hard job.
/Not only do you have to stop practicing, you also have to work hard, and you may even face the focus of the evil heretics.
In addition, Taoist Jingming left an elder from the Dong family to guard here, which also seemed to act as a ‘bait’.
How could several Dongzi elders be so willing, but Taoist Dongjue glanced at the other Dongzi elders who had their own thoughts and smiled.
“Just let me do it!”
“Senior aunt, you?”
Seeing Taoist Dongjue take the initiative to agree, Taoist Jingming frowned slightly. He opened his mouth to persuade, but Taoist Dongjue smiled at this time.
“The three senior brothers each have important positions and need to guard important places at the same time. I am the only one who has the most leisure time. It just so happens that I successfully broke through. Next, I will spend more time in retreat, polish my magic power, and stay here to practice. It can be regarded as the best of both worlds!”
Taoist Dongzhen, Taoist Dongxuan, and Taoist Dongxiao saw this, and their expressions did not change. Taoist Dongzhen nodded slightly.
“With Sixth Junior Sister, Lord Yin Shen, guarding this place, it should be safe. With Sixth Junior Sister’s practice and the special method of controlling fate of my Cave God Observation, even if the real Yuanshen attacks, in one moment or three, nothing will happen. I can support it!”
“The only thing to worry about is the resentment and evil spirit here, which is not conducive to spiritual pract

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