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five million silver notes from the Dongwang Palace treasury seized by Xuanyin Division.


Mar 3, 2024

At present, Dongwang County is in a state of poverty. Whether it is to reorganize the administrative framework or to make some political achievements as soon as possible to win over the people, money is indispensable.
Yu Tao and his two brothers came to the temporary base of Xuanyin Division and conveyed the emperor’s decree orally, saying: “This is an important place in the capital. This Xuanwei cannot leave for long. He will leave after staying for three to five days. As for the accounts, your Majesty has someone dedicated to investigate thoroughly.” Two of them assisted.”
Yu Tao: I came here not only to make a little for myself, but also to shoulder His Majesty’s expectations. One hundred million is too little, at least three to five times more. You two have made enough. Don’t be ignorant in the future.
“Thank you for your hard work, sir. Just say it clearly wherever it is needed.”
Fox Three: Just move here. I won’t see or hear anything after that.
“Lord Xuanwei, I don’t know. In the past few days, my two brothers have abided by their duties, working from dawn to dusk to check the accounts. They were so busy that they never stopped for fear of letting down the emperor’s grace.”
/Lu Bei: What do you mean, Your Majesty? Is it legal to confiscate a house?
“Don’t worry, two colleagues, His Majesty will not neglect the meritorious ministers. He will be rewarded after the coffin is sealed.”
Yu Tao: Your Majesty agrees that he is the mastermind in this matter.
After a few words of conversation, the three of them were all smiling. Lu Bei and Hu San readily handed over the garrison power of the Dongwang Mansion, as well as the account books, evidence, and warehouse keys. They made it clear that they would only maintain order in Dongwang County, and Yu Tao would take charge of everything else.
“There’s one more thing, you two, please listen.”
Before leaving, Yu Tao said with a smile: “The rebellion of King Dong has a huge impact on the capital, and there is a lot of quarrels in the court. The palace of Dongwang is no longer suitable for governing Dongwang County. Your Majesty, thinking of the great achievements of his ancestors, cannot bear to deprive the throne of his throne, and intends to use it as a quarrel.” The palace was moved to the capital, and Dongwang’s family was invited to live there, and Dongwang County was handed over to the imperial court to manage on its behalf.”
“What does your Majesty mean?”
“Yu will set off to return to Beijing in three to five days to resume his duties. A group of people from the Dongwang Mansion will set off today and will be personally escorted by Xuanyin Division. However, the situation in the court is unclear. Your Majesty is worried that Dongwang will be insulted by the admonishers when he goes there, so he has to delay schedule”
Yu Tao’s smile did not change: “Although it is a long way to the capital, the scenery of thousands of miles of mountains and rivers is so beautiful. Yo

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