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the Ten Thousand Demons Sect is protected by the Demon Refining Camp, under the current situation, the Holy Spirit Tang is still unable to fight against the demon camp, so he can only endure it for the time being. Anyway, the plan of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect has been blocked. With this buffer, it is the time to improve his strength.


Mar 2, 2024

Li Tianyi and others are not idle either, they are all practicing in their favorite way.
Wang Meng practiced during the day and took information from the Alchemy Academy at night to see if there was any way to eliminate the fire poison.
Fire poison is a very common injury, but when it reaches the body of the wood type, it becomes a persistent disease, and the fire poison comes from the Fire God Xiaoqian Realm, which is really troublesome.
Wang Meng was not afraid of trouble. He searched little by little and read many methods. It seemed that pills were still needed to clear it, but once this kind of fire poison condensed in the wood body, it was almost an incurable disease.
/After searching for several days with the same result, Wang Meng was really helpless.
“Everything in the world is interdependent, how come there is no solution!”
Wang Meng came out of the teaching formation and couldn’t help but said that this was really difficult.
“Why are you so troubled?” A familiar voice sounded.
Wang Meng raised his head and found that it was the mysterious woman.
“I’m looking for a way to get rid of the fire poison. Once the wood-type physique is infected with the fire poison, isn’t there a way to completely remove it?”
Wang Meng said.
The woman was slightly startled and smiled, “There must be a way, but if the wood type’s body is poisoned by fire, if it is a very high level of fire poison, it will be really troublesome.”
“You have an idea, can you help me?”
Wang Meng said in surprise, he knew that the woman in front of him had amazing alchemy skills, much better than a blind man like him.
The woman smiled slightly and said, “Tell me the situation.”
When Wang Meng heard this, he immediately became energetic and explained the situation in detail.
The woman frowned, “This situation is indeed difficult to deal with, but there still has to be a way. We need to refine a special compound elixir.”
“Compound elixir?” Wang Meng was stunned for a moment, “It seems that there is no such refining method in the teaching formation?”
“This is only available for higher-level teaching formations, but I can help you refine it.”
“Really, thank you so much!” It took no effort to get through this round of shouting.
The woman looked at Wang Meng quietly. Wang Meng was stunned and then remembered that he was not familiar with the other person and didn’t even know his name.
“This elixir is really important to me. I am willing to do it no matter what it takes!”
Wang Meng said.
The woman shook her head gently, “Don’t be so full of words. It’s easier said than done, but it seems that girl is very important to you.”
“She is my junior sister and my friend. Besides, she was poisoned because she was

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