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r, and he even entrusted the Dragon Princess to your care.”


Mar 2, 2024

Wang Meng knew that Tu Mu was very strong, but seeing that he was easy-going, he thought he was just a stronger member of the dragon clan, but he didn’t expect that he would exaggerate to such an extent.
“Alas, the Dragon Clan has always been a peak life, but it is a pity that it is very rare now. The Dragon Emperor may soon become a loner. When faced with the choice back then, the Dragon Clan chose to be conservative, while the Monster Clan chose change. Now it is proved that the Monster Clan That’s right, it seems that the Dragon Emperor wants to try it too,” Lu Yuetian looked straight at Wang Meng, making Wang Meng a little hairy.
“Ahem, dean, tell me what you have to say. If you look at me like this, my heart will beat faster.”
/Lu Yuetian shook his head, “What’s so special about you kid? The Saint looks up to you differently, and the Dragon King also values ??you so much. Could it be that he thinks you can solve the Dragon Clan’s problems? He even handed the princess over to you. Does he want you to become a Dragon Clan?” Prince Consort?”
Wang Meng almost choked, dragon clan prince-in-law? This is not the same, it’s too exaggerated. Linglong is indeed beautiful, but it’s okay to appreciate it. He still likes types like Yang Ying and Ma Tianer.
“Ahem, dean, don’t scare me!”
“You brat, why are you scaring me? This is what all cultivators dream of. Don’t you know that once the monsters and dragons are combined with humans, their lives and power will be shared. This can directly extend their lives and enhance their talents. It can be said to be better than Everything is precious!”
Lu Yuetian smiled and said, this boy is really born in the midst of blessings and does not know the blessings. This is an opportunity that comes first, first come first.
Wang Meng shrugged, “Not very interested.”
Lu Yuetian looked at Wang Meng and saw that Wang Meng didn’t look like he was pretending. This kid was indeed a freak.
“Pay more attention to the information in the Star Ring. After entering the Small Consummation, you have to seize some opportunities. This thing is not easy to see and use.” Lu Yuetian said.
Four Hundred and Twelve People Farewell for Three Days
A conversation with Lu Yuetian answered some of Wang Meng’s doubts and added some new ones.
There is only one reason why the saint pays so much attention to him, and it must be related to his godhead. However, Wang Meng is convinced that the other party is just suspicious, otherwise the way of handling it will never be like this, but at present, it does not seem to be a bad thing.
However, there are indeed many masters in the Star Alliance. After listening to Lu Yuetian’s introduction, a new world was completely opened, and his horizons were highly determined. Wang Meng was indeed envious of Lu Yuetian’s calmness and ease.
This kind of feeling is what Wang Meng wants, not the petty attitude like Ji Wanli’s.
/After opening the star ring, Wang Meng discovered that in addition to having a map and bei

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