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ented people, Hua Jianyu, Ling Fei, and Ji Rushan.”


Mar 2, 2024

“The Star Alliance will keep those who gain this power and become a part of the Star Alliance. It will give them considerable power and benefits, and then let them join the Star Alliance’s chariot.”
Wang Meng licked his lips, “What do you mean, these monsters and ghosts are more powerful than us.”
“The elites of the demon clan are originally the spirits of heaven and earth. In the millennium of war, we are learning the power of the demon clan, and the demon clan is also studying us. Therefore, it is still unclear whether the holy war to destroy the demons was a conspiracy. .” The great elder said.
The second elder nodded, “There are those in the demon clan who are good at prediction, and our Tianji Sect is the best at this among humans. That’s why the demon clan doesn’t hesitate to violate the rules of the Star Alliance under its control and find a way to destroy us.”
“In the Jidao Alliance, we are responsible for selecting outstanding human disciples and minimizing losses as much as possible.”
The third elder said.
After working on it for a long time, it turned out that the two super cultivators were trying to attract each other. That was the essence. But Wang Meng already believed half of what the three said, especially since he had seen the killing space. The saints and demons were too fierce. Well, in such a cruel struggle, the winner will definitely not be human beings.
Regardless of these, from a personal perspective, Wang Mengna’s encounter with someone who knows a lot may be able to help him solve his doubts.
“Three seniors, if you say that I am strong in all five elements, won’t I have more opportunities in Little Perfection?”
The Great Elder sighed, “I said that the strength of us humans lies in the use of weapons. This has been since the origin of our species. The Five Elements Body is good according to the standards of the demon clan, but it is pathetic according to the standards of humans. Yes, but there are no absolutes. The Five Elements Body is also one of the Holy Bodies. You can try your luck.”
The second elder glanced at Ma Tian’er and said, “Little girl, your physique is also good. Although it is not yet to the point where a holy image appears, there is still a chance. You can try it.”
It seems that in the eyes of the three of them, Ma Tianer has a greater chance than Wang Meng. Wang Meng has the strongest physique of the demon clan, but he is a human being. How can I put it, he is talented, but it is a useless talent.
/“anymore question?”
I have to say that the three elders of Tianji Sect are very patient, and they seem to enjoy chatting with the two of them.
The Tianji Sect may not be considered the largest among human cultivation sects in terms of strength, but the Qi Sect is definitely one of the best in terms of magic.
A force as big as the Star Alliance wanted to destroy them, but the result was concealed.
“Senior, I would like to ask, is it possible for the Middle Thousand World and the Great Thousand World to exist?”

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