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f Mo Chen and others. Just as Mo Chen was about to move, he was stopped by the unpredictable Yu Kunlun.


Mar 2, 2024

Although Yu Kunlun is a junior, he is the strongest person in the Taiyin Sect. Master Kunlun is truly unfathomable.
The disciple was suffocated by this suffocating battle, and his brain could not keep up with his reaction. In a daze, Tianzhu’s sword had reached Wang Meng’s chest.
This absolutely sure-kill sword failed. Wang Meng somehow came behind Tianzhu, and the Dragon King’s statue also burst out with dazzling light.
The two swords overlapped, and the energy poured out in an instant, and a giant dragon swallowed the Tiandou that was very close at hand.
/Eat them all!
The Dzogchen’s body was blasted dozens of meters away, hitting the stone wall and causing rubble to fill the sky.
The whole place was silent, Yuan Li directly determined the speed. Among the younger generation, the fastest one was undoubtedly Ji Wanli’s golden-winged Dapeng statue, but Wang Meng’s speed at that moment was so fast that he couldn’t even dodge the dimple!
Mo Chen was quite excited. Wang Meng finally did it. He didn’t expect that he would really have such power!
Fan Ru also fell into deep thought, because he could not keep up with the speed just now. You can imagine that if Wang Meng climbed to the Great Perfection in time, this move would be enough to scare people.
The gravel shook open, and Tianzhu’s figure appeared on the scene. However, the leader of the Ten Thousand Demons Cult was really in a state of embarrassment, but he had a strange smile on his face, and there was a little blush on his pale face.
Seeing that Wang Meng did not take action immediately, “If I give you ten years, will there be any rivals in this world? It’s a pity, it’s a pity.”
Tianzhu’s praise comes from the heart. But his murderous intention also comes from his heart. If Wang Meng is allowed to develop, there will be no place for him in the Small Thousand Worlds of Four Directions.
The magic sword exudes the howling sound of a lonely wolf, like countless innocent souls calling for their lives. Tianzhu’s body is also filled with demonic flames. He no longer cares about his identity, and now he wants to kill Wang Meng.
This is no longer about any skills. Any Dzogchen has terrifying moves that combine the power of heaven and earth, and the same is true for Tiandou.
/Yu Kunlun and others frowned slightly and floated into the air. Once they entered this mode. They also have to get out of the way.
When Fan Ru pulled Fan Hong back, Fan Hong felt as if his body was pricked by needles, but he was still far away from the dimple.
The dimple in the demon flame is like a demon god coming into the world. The demon sword in his hand is screaming, as if summoning countless wronged souls. The dimple in the demon flame is still the same.
Standing on the Holy Mountain, standing where Xue Zhongnan once was.
“Master, one day I will return. I will stand in this place, I will turn into a demon cult, and you will regret today’s decision!”

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