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Ying laughed. Despite Wang Meng’s incredible ability, they would definitely feel defeated when they saw Hu Jing.


Mar 2, 2024

Regarding this point, Wang Zhenren had long since given up struggling and just said whatever he said to these three deeply affectionate confidante.
A smart kid with pigtails squeezed in from the crowd, and Xie Tianhua on the side kept smiling, “Sorry. Sorry. I borrowed it, I borrowed it.”
“Big brother, congratulations!”
“Haha. Cute little Chengzi, why are you here?” Wang Meng naturally picked up Cheng Cheng.
“You are the most powerful in the temple. Only five of you in the entire Star Alliance have entered the Pure Land!”
Xie Tianhua smiled on the side. “Congratulations, uncle.”
To this day, he really has nothing to say. A strong person can naturally be admired, but Wang Meng brought the disciples of the temple to this position, which is truly heaven-defying.
Don’t say that these people are inherently talented. In fact, which sect lacks talented disciples? The problem is that talent does not equal strength. Strength is not equal to combat effectiveness.
Reaching the last step is really not something ordinary people can do, just like Mo Chen said. He only needs to learn 20% to 30%. The Taiyin Sect will be stable in the future.
“Ghost Spirit, didn’t Zou Chuang and Tianhua come in too?”
/Cheng Cheng shook his head. “They are so stupid. When I grow up, I want to join the church.”
Xie Tianhua was startled, “Little ancestor, you can’t talk nonsense.”
If Cheng Cheng defected to the Holy Church, he would definitely be skinned and exposed to the public when he returned.
“Look how scared you are, how can such a little courage lead to great things!”
Cheng Cheng said, everyone couldn’t help but laugh when they saw that Cheng Cheng, a little girl with such a cute spirit, treated the dignified second-in-command of the Taiyin Sect like a child who had done something wrong.
In fact, Xie Tianhua was still dissatisfied. He was better than his superiors, but Cheng Cheng always compared him with his uncle. Is this a real comparison?
Just settle it and bully him.
“It’s so cute. Come on, let me give you a hug.” Ma Tian’er said. Ma Tian’er is a typical person with overflowing love. She likes beautiful and cute things very much when she sees them.
“Okay, I like pretty sisters the most.”
Ma Tianer was a little embarrassed by what Cheng Cheng said.
Zhang Xiaojiang and others also arrived and greeted Xie Tianhua. Xie Tianhua also responded politely and was more serious than before. In the past, they always showed respect for Wang Meng’s sake, but now they really have to change their mentality. What these people have shown His strength is top-notch in any sect.
Then Zhang Xiaojiang saw Cheng Cheng, who was like a little fairy, leaning on Ma Tianer’s breasts, rubbing her little face so hard that she almost spurted blood.
/“Come on, little Cheng Cheng, let your fat brother give you a hug.”
Xiao Chengcheng said two words with very pure eyes, “Rogue!”
Immediately, the majesty that Mr. Zhang had finally accumulated

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