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s speed and the trajectory of space movement. Next time, he would not just scratch his clothes. Simple.


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Five hundred and forty-one absolute limit
At this time, Mingren, Lin Jinghao and others all had expressionless faces. There were only a handful of people present who could clearly see Ji Wanli’s movements. In the eyes of most monks, Ji Wanli was completely like a god. He acted as he pleased, as if he could cross space. On the contrary Wang Meng seemed a bit slow in using the space technique.
The Dragon Emperor clan has the ability to tear apart space. Wang Meng has obviously learned a lot of benefits from the Dragon Emperor icon, but after all, he is not a real Dragon Emperor body. But in Ji Wanli’s eyes, he can really attack at will.
Ji Wanli’s speed was indeed too fast.
Ji Wanli took action here. At this level, their attacks were basically back to nature. If they really used gorgeous moves, they would be so powerful that no one would dare to try them with their bodies.
At this point in the battle, everyone seems to have felt the gap. The reason why Linglong, who didn’t even take action between Mingren and Lin Jinghao, is stronger than the others is that Mingren’s Holy Light Demon Collapse Body is said to be immortal and invincible, and Lin Jinghao’s Nine-Bright Demonic Dragon Body is definitely not ordinary. Attacks can do anything, and the Dragon King’s body is said to be flawless and powerful. Although Ji Wanli and Wang Meng are powerful and unique, they still do not have the weakness of their defeated bodies.
/When attacks have their own characteristics and cannot be suppressed, the toughness of the body directly determines the outcome.
We can only see Ji Wanli’s activation, and then what awaits is fate.
Wang Meng’s space movement was intercepted halfway, and he was blasted out of the space, flying dozens of meters, and his energy exploded.
Ji Wanli made a strong effort, and fired his sword energy in all directions, blasting Wang Meng wildly with his sword energy in all directions. The characteristic of Ji Wanli’s attacks was the terrifying effect produced by high-frequency superposition.
I saw thousands of golden lights merging into one, and Ji Wanli was as majestic and majestic as the God of War.
The fighting stage was blown up.
The sky is filled with rubble. Vitality permeates the air. At this time, Ji Wanli was clad in thousands of rays of light and holding a golden giant sword, looking quite majestic as a king in the world.
Unparalleled speed. Coupled with the indestructible high-frequency superimposed attacks, this is an invincible combination. Ji Wanli is confident that any opponent will be unable to activate his own spells.
This is the absolute dominance of speed.
At this time, everyone’s focus was on Wang Meng. The space spell of the Dragon King Icon was ineffective, and the power of the Five Elements Body had no room to exert itself in the face of Ji Wanli’s speed. No matter how powerful it was,

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