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king at the cliff.


Mar 1, 2024

“Master, leave it to me. I will definitely defeat the demon cultivators and lead them to become the top ten sects of the Star Alliance!”
“Master, why can’t this be like this? Cultivation is not just for strength. What’s the point of caring about the means and process!”
Once upon a time, he also had dreams, and he was also brought by ideas
“Go away. From now on, I am no longer your master, and I will never see you again!”
“You will regret it. Only I can save you!”
Xue Zhongnan’s smile was so calm, “That is, one day there will be a new leader. He will be equally brave and have fighting spirit, and will not be changed by the so-called cruelty.”
“Master, that person has appeared.”
A drop of tear fell from the corner of Tian’s eyes. This tycoon who dominated the small world remained motionless. This was the first and last time he shed tears.
Yu Kunlun and others sighed silently, another great perfection fell.
Perhaps, from the beginning, Tianli wanted to prove that he was right, and that his way could truly make him rise in the Star Alliance.
At this moment, he could let go.
This moment belongs to Xue Zhongnan, who still sticks to his true nature even in the most difficult moments, walking alone and acting as an alternative in countless small worlds.
Different ages, different experiences, dare to think completely different.
At this time, the first ray of dawn dissipated the darkness, and the holy mountain shone with light.
The era of Wang Meng began.
When the news came, cheers resounded throughout the whole place. Almost not long after, all the forces from all directions in the Small Thousand Realms waiting in Tongming City got this news that was shocking and even a fantasy.
The leader of the clan, Wang Meng, killed Tianqi, the leader of the Ten Thousand Demon Sect, on the holy mountain.
For some, this may come as a bolt from the blue.
This is the beginning of an era!
Four hundred and fifty-nine, becoming famous
The four major demons of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect, two died, two surrendered, the eight guardians, six died and two escaped. The leader of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect died in the battle. The entire Ten Thousand Demons Sect collapsed, and the entire small world in the four directions was boiling.
The unprecedentedly powerful Ten Thousand Demons Sect was wiped out on the night of its peak, without any warning.
Every monk in the Small Thousand Worlds in all directions knows that a new era has arrived, one that is unprecedentedly powerful.
Unprecedented Five Saints of One Sect!
/This is the strength that the entire Star Alliance has strong competitiveness.
And when this news spread throughout the Small Thousand Realms in all directions, it also spread towards the Great Yuan Realm, and spread throughout the Star Alliance in an instant.
Wang Meng displayed the Dragon King Icon and killed Dzogchen. The young generation of the temple broke out into the Four Icons.
Hu Jing, the sacred statue of the Dawn Goddess, this is probably a sacred statue with the strength o

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