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to stuff the gap between his teeth.


Mar 1, 2024

On the square, the people waving their hands were also stunned!
Even the smart people sent by the Kun family to stir up the atmosphere were also fooled!
Did Lao Ma eat Wang Bao?
This is as funny as the joke about an ant defeating an anteater or a mouse getting a female cat pregnant!
Wang Meng was not too surprised. He could feel that the old horse’s body was in urgent need of replenishment. This battle was also necessary for it. When the old horse saw the color on it, he became interested, otherwise it would be so easy to be provoked. , even with Wang Meng’s strength, he couldn’t see the real details of Lao Ma.
Li Xunhuan fainted directly, not out of fear, but out of happiness.
War sacrifice is to use fighting to pay homage. The more violent it is, the more it heralds glory!
Fatty Bai smiled calmly. If he hadn’t maintained his image as the head of the family in front of everyone, he would have really wanted to jump ten feet high and shout the slogan “Believe in the boss and you will have eternal life”!
As for why an old bad horse could be so cruel, Fatty Bai didn’t care, he simply didn’t think about it.
In the sky, the Ice Flame Pride Bird had just had a fight with the two-headed mountain monster. In terms of strength, they were evenly matched, but it was obvious that the Ice Flame Pride Bird was more flexible and had a slight upper hand.
/It found that no one’s eyes stayed on it! But focus on that old horse!
The Ice Flame Proud Bird was angry and stared at the old horse below! Although it’s a bit strange where the wooden shadow king leopard has gone, the proud Ice Flame Proud Bird absolutely cannot bear to have something more eye-catching than it!
The power of proud ice!
The Ice Flame Proud Bird has enlarged its moves!
The sky was completely covered by a layer of ice flames! The ice picks that were hitting the sky and covering the sun were all aimed at Lao Ma!
Lao Ma obviously felt this threatening energy. He raised his head and looked at the Ice Flame Proud Bird. He was so angry that he didn’t bother you, but you still came to the door!
Lao Ma really wanted to eat the dead bird in one bite.
However, there was still a dull pain on its back, reminding it of Wang Meng’s presence.
However, faced with the provocation of a little bird, the old horse’s temper also rose.
Throw away all the low-key stuff! For Lao Ma, eating a little leopard is really a low-key behavior. As an elegant family, the method of eating is too barbaric. In the past, it would never bother to do it.
The old horse raised his head and gained momentum!
What does it mean to be truly powerful?
That is, in the eyes of outsiders, nothing has happened, but the enemy has fallen. How elegant this is! This is called excellence! In the eyes of human beings, one has to cause flying sand and rocks to be considered powerful. This is clearly the king of destruction! No temperament!
After keeping a low profile for so many years, I have to be high-profile today. Well, if somet

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