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have Lao Ma training these five little guys, but Lao Ma was not interested in these five little guys. The little guys still have no interest. Even if they feel the progress of the little guys, the old horse is still indifferent. It seems that there is nothing in its eyes, including Zhenren Wang.


Mar 1, 2024

Of course, the only person it looks at in a different light is the God of Beauty, who is a typical person of the opposite sex and inhumane.
He was happily playing with his wine jar in the yard. These works were really carefully prepared by Wang Meng.
Wang Meng is not obsessed with pleasure. In fact, his current state is his own path. All laws are the same. His wine is full of laws and even more things, because having this state can lead him to a better place. high.
Wang Shifeng came here once, and now he is completely a grasshopper in Wang Meng’s boat. The outside world, including the Wang family, sees him this way. Wang Meng is his backbone.
Especially since the incident was so big this time, Wang Shifeng felt like he was beating a drum. Personally, he really didn’t like such a big fanfare. He had to be low-key as a drunkard and drink wine to make money. But now the Dionysus is coming to fight, and he has attracted a lot of people. Five heavyweight judges, it would be great if you win, but what if you lose?
/Damn it, why can’t you just live a relaxed life? Fortunately, Wang Meng’s relaxed expression made him feel a little more at ease.
In addition to Wang Shifeng, Zhang Yang also came. As soon as Kuang Sheng entered the door, his nose started to twitch.
/Wang Meng smiled, “What’s wrong? You’re worried that I’ll lose.”
Zhang Yang shrugged, “What are you talking about? After all, I am also a big shot. People are poor but ambitious. Victory and defeat are commonplace in military affairs. I drank the wine sparingly last time, but I still finished it. This wine is very powerful!”
Wang Meng smiled, he knew that this wine was very useful to Zhang Yang, especially his character and skills.
“How does it feel?”
“Give me unlimited drunkard wine, and I can fight in the infinite world!” Zhang Yang said, his whole body filled with excitement.
“Haha, I have specially prepared several kinds for you, but it still needs some time to complete. Then you can give it a try. It should be very helpful to your practice.”
Wang Meng said.
Zhang Yang’s skill is related to wine. When fighting is crazy, he must drink. Therefore, the wine of Dionysus is his best weapon, but after drinking Wang Meng’s wine, he wanted to change.
“Why?” Zhang Yang suddenly asked.
Wang Meng smiled slightly, “Why?”
“You should know that your wine can greatly improve my skills. The better the wine, the faster my level will improve. Why do you want to help me?”
Although Zhang Yang is nicknamed Kuangsheng, he is not a fool. He is well aware of the rules of the world of cultivation. There is no one like Wang Meng who would take the initiative to help others. You must know that everything is fake, and only the realm is real.
“There are a lot of people who drink, b

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