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experts. It’s not that Luo Shan can’t do it, it’s just very laborious, and he’s not as casual as Wang Meng. It is conservatively estimated that Wang Meng at least has the expertise to communicate with spiritual beasts.


Mar 1, 2024

It’s ridiculous that he wants to accept someone as his disciple, no wonder he is laughed at by Yang Qi.
“It’s embarrassing, niece Xian, you’d better find him, this guy is more reliable.”
/Luo Shan smiled bitterly.
“I actually went to Tianxiang Tower. This guy is really cool and interesting, haha.”
Yang Qi couldn’t stand the fact that nobles acted one thing on the surface but did another behind their backs. Wang Meng was an interesting person, he actually said in front of everyone that he was going to Tianxiang Tower.
Zhe Wu Lei really has no tears. After so much hard work, he has achieved success for others. Why is this guy so obedient all of a sudden?
Moreover, Silver Horned Ryoma was really powerful at this time and released a bubble in front of everyone.
In Wangcheng, Tianxiang Tower is a good place. Of course, Wang Rencai, who is used to seeing big scenes, probably doesn’t like it.
No matter which plane, mortals or monks, there will always be places like this. Don’t underestimate the women in Tianxiang Tower. Playing, chess, calligraphy and painting are basic. Some of them are not low in cultivation, and even compete with some families and forces. There is a complicated relationship, the main thing is drinking and having fun, as for other things, it depends on the ability.
It is the words “depending on ability” that make the nobles flock to Tianxiang Tower. For them, being in bed with a woman is just that. Showing a man’s ability to conquer women is the most important thing for the nobles. Passionate game.
Tianxiang Tower exists in many cities, and it is also a huge organization, but who is behind the scenes is not someone like Wang Rencai who would figure it out.
“Brother Wang, how does Wangcheng Tianxiang Tower compare with Haojing Tianxiang Tower?”
“Haha, the layout is almost the same, and the wine is almost the same.” The wines in Tianxiang Tower are all specially supplied. The only difference is the vintage. Haojing only enjoys fine wines that are more than a hundred years old, while like Wangcheng, the best ones are thirty years old.
“Drinking is secondary, I mean women, women are the key point.” Fatty Bai was very honest.
Wang Meng smiled and faced the fat man. It was easy for Master Wang to follow the crowd, “Everyone has his or her own merits. The people here in Wangcheng are more open-minded. They have graceful figures, full breasts and sultry postures. Haojing has a popular temperament style. , as long as you have one skill, even a poor person can become famous.”
This tone belongs to Wang Rencai, but if it were Wang Rencai, it would be even more lewd and despicable.
“Then I still like Tianxianglou here. It’s the last word that she has a good figure. What’s the point of a washboard!”
Fatty Bai said carelessly, there is a stage directly opposite, and there will be a perfo

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