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Mar 1, 2024

“That’s right, let’s get back to the subject, where do you think the breakthrough point for the Burning Fortress is?” Chi Qing stared at this fragile-looking sister with burning eyes. In general, there are few demons, even the Demon Shadow Clan, who are as fragile as Chi Ying. , but this is definitely an appearance.
“Wang Meng.”
/“Wang Meng?” Chi Qing was stunned and couldn’t help but laugh, “Do you mean to say that the weakness of Burning Fortress is Wang Meng?”
Chi Ying nodded.
Chi Qing couldn’t help laughing, “Fifth sister, you may have made a mistake. The reason why the Burning Fortress has been able to withstand the past two years is all because of Wang Meng, and of course his group of guys who are not afraid of death, even though they are enemies. .But they are much stronger than the humans on other fronts.”
Chi Qing was not excusing himself. On the scene, she was definitely looking to defy her opponent, but here. But that’s not necessary.
“Haha, sister, I don’t mean to look down on him. According to my information, among the five battle fronts, only two are the most stubborn. One is the Dragon Clan where I am, and the other is the Burning Fortress where my sister is. Wang Meng is There is no doubt that people are quick-witted, with the same result, but for completely different reasons. The Dragon Clan is because of its intrinsic strength. But the Burning Fortress is based on fragile personal beliefs. What if Wang Meng dies? What if Wang Meng changes? What about half-demon?”
Chi Ying caressed her snow-white skin. It seems because the temperature is too high. The little beads of sweat deep in the delicate skin can really arouse the most primitive desire in men. But Chi Ying’s eyes were so innocent.
Chi Qing nodded without hesitation, “Sister, are you coming today to ask for help?”
“Sister, I’m here just to share my worries. I wonder if I can let my sister try it first?”
Chi Ying seemed to be pleading.
Chi Qing’s eyes were passionate, which was the characteristic of Qing Mo, and his smile was quite bright, “Of course.”
Why stop it?
Let Chi Ying take the lead, just in time to test the trump card of the Burning Fortress. Of course, she knew Chi Ying’s plan. If she really defeated Wang Meng, she would definitely be the one to do it. But if Wang Meng was really easy to defeat, she wouldn’t do this. It took a lot of trouble.
The two sisters each had their own ideas. Chi Ying wanted to capture the thief first, while Chi Qing wanted to conquer the Burning Fortress with superior force. However, it would take some time to mobilize the superior force, so why not let Chi Ying give it a try.
Chi Qing thought of tonight’s setback, and swallowed the words on his lips. What happened today was such a coincidence. Could it be that there are spies from the Star Alliance within the Demon Clan?
After leaving Chi Qing’s camp, waiting for Chi Ying outside the door were two extremely handsome, even somewhat monstrous demons. These were Chi Qing’s two demon generals.
Butcher the heart, butcher the bones.

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