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“There is life in this wine. Drinking it once is equivalent to living one more time.” The Fire Emperor said.
Just by looking at this performance, everyone knew the result, but how could it be possible?
The last one to wake up was Han Chuxue. When Han Chuxue opened his eyes again, his whole person seemed to be brighter.
“It seems that among the five of us, Chuxue has a better understanding. He can actually improve his realm and be formidable in the future.”
The Water Emperor sighed.
Han Chuxue stood up and said, “Senior, thank you for the wine. Wang Meng, thank you.”
Wang Meng smiled and said, “Senior Fang, what do you think about the third round?”
Does this conclude?
/(In the fantasy world of skeletons, there is no loneliness!
It’s going to get exciting again later, so let’s warm up a little bit, it’s Monday, you must! )
Seven hundred and ten with the brothers
“Old man Fang, you lose this time. His reincarnation is at a similar level to yours. The Fire Emperor is obviously the most knowledgeable.
The God of Bacchus shrugged and looked at Wang Meng curiously, “It took me more than twenty years to realize the life of wine. No matter you or whoever you are, if you can come up with something, even if I lose, if you can’t come up with it, we will It’s a tie.”
The divine way of wine that the God of Wine has realized over the years is the same as that of Wang Meng, but he used the method of mixing wine, but he did not expect that Wang Meng had already used it in the second round.
Everyone is looking at how fierce it is. Life in this wine has reached its extreme and cannot be surpassed. Everyone can get their own dreams and even reincarnation from this wine passage. What else is there?
“I also have a kind of wine, which is also my favorite. Please try it.”
Wang Meng took out another jar, and the six of them looked at each other, could there be more?
Everyone waited with bated breath and raised their necks. Although they didn’t drink, they were already listening to people’s words to a magical level.
To the extreme, is there anything left?
From the best of wine to the best of wine.
The jars were opened, and the wine inside actually came out. Is it boiling? ? ?
This wine is red, beating like blood. It is restrained and blooming in a contradictory way, but it attracts everyone’s attention.
This was the first time that Wang Meng also showed his liking.
Six bowls, wine was poured out and dancing in the bowls.
“Although reincarnation is wonderful, it also lacks vitality. Wine has its roots and will eventually come back.”
“Okay, let me try what the root of wine is!”
When it reached the extreme, the God of Dionysus thought that he could no longer surpass it. At this time, he had long forgotten about the wine fight and focused all his attention on the wine in front of him.
The other five people picked it up almost at the same time. The one in front had already reached the extreme. To be honest, they really didn’t believe it. What else could surpass it?
After drinking the wine that bo

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