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e, and the last one, the alchemy battle was about to begin again.


Mar 1, 2024

There is indeed no talent in this area in the Holy Church, so Master Zhou said that he would personally go into battle. In the words of Master Zhou, I am just a brick, and I can move it wherever it is needed.
The news spread quickly.
Among the drunkards and wine stalls, there was a lot of people and discussions.
“Why isn’t it Wang Meng?”
“Yes, but in my opinion, Sect Master Wang should also have this air. Unless the Three Immortals come out, he will never take action.”
“Being on equal terms? You’re not joking, right?”
“Let’s wait and see. The Holy Church has already performed two miracles in the three wars. Do you think the Holy Church will take care of the three wars?”
“What should I say? I think the aura of the temple is very fierce. Hehe, the sect leader’s name is Wang Meng. It’s not wrong. It’s really fierce!”
The young and old man sitting not far away looked at each other and smiled. They were not interested in the Three Great Wars. It was a gimmick made by the three immortals. They wanted to show the majesty of the Three Great Wars in the world’s number one dojo, but they were fooled by the temple. Being disgraced is actually interesting.
/“Old man, what do you think of that Zhou Qian?”
“I can’t understand it a little bit. If I have to say how it feels, it’s just ordinary. It’s too ordinary. Everything about me makes people feel ordinary, as if they’re forgotten once they see it. But”
The old man smiled and said no more.
The young and old man nodded. The more ordinary and boring he looked like this, the more terrifying he felt. It’s just that the other person’s age didn’t match his current condition.
The Haojing Danxian Alliance was in solemn silence at this moment.
At this time, the three conferences were in the same spirit. The Ling Yuhui and the Weapon Refining Pavilion lost two battles in various fields. The Alchemy Alliance naturally reacted. If they lose again, they will lose their underwear.
Wu Liyan and Yan Yuqi were both in the Alchemy Alliance at this time. They were usually in a competitive relationship. If you don’t leave me, I won’t leave you. However, it seems that those who came out of the gods’ space are not hostile.
“Brother Yan, do you think that’s luck?” Wu Liyan asked. Brother Yan was in trouble, and Elder Wu actually felt a little gloating about his misfortune.
“I can’t explain clearly, but Pang Hong does have talent. Unfortunately, he has a traitor in his head and has taken refuge in the Holy Church. Otherwise, I can recommend the master to recruit another disciple.”
Yan Yuqi said coldly, even if Pang Hong was lucky, the result is that Pang Hong did refine the Rongling Ring with a hundred-level borrowed spirit, and after borrowing the spirit, it did no damage to the True Essence Beast. It proves the strength, but it is a pity that such talents cannot be used by the Weapon Refining Pavilion.
“Haha, you two, I invite you here this time not to discuss these things.”
At this time, one person sp

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