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Feb 29, 2024

At this moment, the red clouds in the sky suddenly looked in the direction of the Emperor’s former residence, and a trace of surprise flashed in his eyes.
“Found it so quickly?”
The figure disappeared from the void while taking a step, and when it reappeared, it was in front of two magnificent boundary rivers.
The two boundary rivers are like river boundaries on a chessboard.
Hongyun looked with his eyes, and saw a giant palm reaching into one of the historical rivers deep in the void, and fished out a golden fishing net with a wave of his hand.
It was a fishing net made of straw ropes. Its mesh was very large, but it revealed the power of a dragnet with no escape.
That is an ‘old thing’ that Fuxi once used!
This old thing was washed into the depths of time and space by the force of history.
Finding a ‘fishing net’ from the depths of such a magnificent historical river is no less difficult than finding a needle in a haystack.
If you want to find them out, you need to examine your own eyesight, your understanding of the great ways of heaven and earth, and your wisdom.
This ancient holy emperor undoubtedly has such abilities.
/But the other party is an innate god who has become enlightened.
/The innate spiritual consciousness is far superior to that of the immortal gods of the same level. Hongyun is not surprised to be able to find an ‘old thing’.
The more difficult thing is to get more ‘old things’ from them, and even get the ultimate reward.
There are also four tokens hidden in the third wall of fire cloud.
There are eight hundred on three sides, and one side represents three thousand years.
Although it is a little difficult to find these ‘dead things’, it is far inferior to the last ‘living things’!
A smile appeared in Hongyun’s eyes.
But in the depths of the void, a moment later an innate Bagua shadow appeared. It was a three-dimensional spherical shape, with Tai Chi yin and yang flowing inside, explaining the mysterious ways of heaven and earth.
The innate Bagua shrouds the long river of history, and the invisible power is perfectly integrated into the depths of this long river of history.
In an instant, several rays of divine light were forced out from inside.
Those items are all kinds of strange.
Among them are clay pots for burning fires, sundials, hemp ropes, red hydrangeas, phoenix crowns, longevity locks, zodiac jade, and Bagua stones.
Including the fishing net that Zhang Jian fished out for the first time, there are nine pieces in total.
Each piece exudes the golden light of merit, and there is a magnificent charm flowing from it.
This is a spiritual treasure of merit!
Looking at this scene, Taoist Hongyun couldn’t help but sigh.
The way to break this level is hidden in the innate Bagua method.
Innate Bagua can balance various forces in the world, and can naturally make the originally balanced world completely unbalanced. It can also use it to sort out the various laws of heaven and earth deep in the long history o

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