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are densely packed with small characters. The light belt formed by them is actually a powerful spell.


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“The core of Shenzang has been broken!”
There are countless legends about the Shenzang Hall in the vast world. This phenomenon is naturally understood by Wenfeng cultivators. This light belt is the Shenzang spell. Once it is blown out from the spiritual wind, it will be The core formation of the Divine Treasure Hall was broken, and the treasures contained within the Divine Treasure had been captured.
The head of the Soul-Eating Insect exploded into pieces without any warning. There was only a crisp sound when the head exploded, and green insect blood rained down.
“Peak Master, are you going to fight in?”
“No, so what if she got the divine treasure? What do you think the divine treasure is? It took three years of concerted efforts by everyone in the Lei Tian Sect to roughly master the divine treasure. A woman, haha , let’s teach her what it means to be the oriole behind.”
/Wentangji sneered, “Thirty-six heaven-searching formations are deployed in the sky, leaving no blind spots. Underground, there are seventy-two evil earth-seizing formations. No escape methods are allowed.”
Wenfeng’s cultivators responded with a bang, and with a swish of sounds, they instantly set up two large formations. These two large formations are independent of each other and support each other. They are Wenfeng’s peak-suppressing formation, and Wenfeng is also in one. Among the thousands of peaks, one of the foundation weights can be used to capture one of the thirty-six peaks.
In the distance, Xu Lejia had a bitter face. After all, he recognized Wentang Temple. That guy was famous in the world. He was a bastard who liked to take female cultivators as concubines. He was a bastard among the holy cultivators. A scumbag from a famous family.
When the Wenfeng cultivators approached, Xu Lejia escaped quietly. At this time, he carefully held his breath and looked at the two large formations set up by the Wenfeng cultivators from a distance. His face was ashen. At this time, even if he wanted to He didn’t even dare to leave. As long as he made the slightest move, the Wen Feng people who had set up a large formation would immediately sense him and block him.
/I don’t know how Hu Xianzi will deal with this crisis
In the Shen Zang, Hu Jing frowned. There was a bit of movement outside, and the chaotic spiritual power of a large formation even affected the layout in the Shen Zang.
At this time, Hu Jing had already taken out the core of the divine treasure – a living heart. Every few breaths, the heart beat loudly, and every time it beat, the heart spewed out a large amount of spiritual power.
Heart of God.
However, this heart is not really a “living heart”, but a different kind of artifact.
Eight hundred and eighty-four changes
Thousand Peaks Sect.
It is a quiet place. A thousand peaks stand here. They are all directly under the Qianfeng Sect. Each peak has a unique practice inheritance. In the middle, there are thirty-six peak

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