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, his face full of shock.


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Shu Keqi smiled slightly, but in his eyes, it was not unusual. It seemed that the unruly generals and Yidian You had already reached that level, connecting the soil of their hometown, and, one south and one north, the north and south magnetic poles. When connected, the power generated is a hundred times more powerful.
Wang Meng narrowed his eyes. The magnetic communication between the north and the south affects not only the power of the North Polar Sea and the south wind ice sheet, but also the magnetic poles connected, and all the power that passes through it is used by it.
This is a strange order that imposes laws on the world to form order and law. This is another kind of power. In terms of strength alone, this power will never be weaker than the Guangling world of the Dead Group.
Huan Sheng’s face was ashen, and the three saints in the vast sea could all feel the mighty force coming from the sky. This was an absolutely suppressive force.
“Give you a chance. It’s still too late to admit defeat now. If you lose an arm or a leg later, don’t say we didn’t warn you in advance.”
Yidianyou sneered, but didn’t stop and took action directly.
Boom, a bolt of lightning fell from the sky!
The colorful magnetic poles instantly engulfed the entire battle platform.
The power is not at the same level at all, Bu Chaos Tuan is obviously more than one level higher.
Three crisp crackling sounds were heard in a row, and three little golden figures were seen flying around, with laws and order tightly surrounding them.
With just one blow, the Three Saints of the Vast Sea were knocked out of their element!
“Admit defeat!”
Sha Sheng decisively admitted defeat.
All around, for a moment, there was a commotion and an uproar. Will the group win?
Before, it was clear that the Three Saints of the Vast Sea had the absolute upper hand. Why did the Three Saints of the Vast Sea surrender in the blink of an eye?
The snowflakes dancing in the sky are a bit chilling.
Everyone can see how powerful the three-legged alliance of the Three Saints of the Vast Sea is. Otherwise, it would be impossible to network Buchauan Tuan into the world of order again and again after they join forces.
However, being able to defeat the three pillars and borrow the true spiritual power of his hometown for his own use is a kind of defiance.
Wang Meng took it for granted. Although the alliance of the Three Saints of the Vast Sea was powerful, it had a huge shortcoming, which was the lack of flexibility. In order to pursue pure cooperation, they neglected to look for personal laws and find something that belongs entirely to themselves. The power of order.
This is the foundation of spiritual practice.
However, the last North and South Magnetic Pole between Jiangshen and Yidianyou made Wang Meng thoughtful, and some inspiration suddenly came into his mind.
/In the quarterfinals, the final battle came to an end, with the Buchaan group defeating the Three Holy Groups of the Hanhai.
In the battle between the top four, t

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