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obediently surrenders to the adventure.


Feb 29, 2024

The casual cultivators were surprised and confused. What kind of medicine was being sold in the temple?
The casual cultivators are used to being bullied by various sects. Regardless of the fierce fighting between the Holy Church and the three sects, six sects and twelve sects, in fact, in the eyes of the casual cultivators, since the Holy Church has established a sect, so There is no difference from those big sects. In the future, they will bully them, but now, the Holy Church says, come on, our Holy Church will protect you.
This feeling is just like the wolf saying to the little rabbit, “Be good, my brother will knead the grass for you to eat”
But if it’s true
/That was the Holy Church. It defeated the Qianfeng Sect, frightened the six sects, and even shocked the three sects.
Joining the Holy Church has no other benefits. It doesn’t require any resources. Casual practitioners don’t care about living in the world for many years. They already have their own way of practicing resources. As long as the Holy Church opens some skills to them and guides them in the direction of practice.
That’s enough
But, where is such a good thing in this world?
“Most likely, I want to discover some secret ruins. Hehe, other sects have outer disciples who can be used as cannon fodder. The Holy Church has just established a sect, so they can only find casual cultivators.”
“That seems to make sense.”
“I think the Holy Church may want to develop quickly. After all, everyone’s attention is currently being taken advantage of by Akito.”
“It’s nonsense. I didn’t pay attention to it at first, but now it’s such a big fuss. Will the three sects and six sects take action?”
“What’s that for?”
The casual cultivators were talking a lot. It would be fine if the Holy Church did not take action. Once it does, it would be a big move.
No matter what kind of scruples they have in their hearts, there are still many monks who dare to give it a try. They seek wealth and wealth in danger, and pay attention to stability in everything. In the end, there will be a dead end.
After a day of silence, tens of thousands of casual cultivators poured into the Holy City. Thousands of casual cultivators gathered in front of the gate of the holy church. This was the first batch.
The matter has become a bit big. Zhang Xiaojiang touched his chin. Are they really going to be taken into the temple? Even if there is education without distinction, the number is too exaggerated, and the good and the bad are mixed, and it is difficult to teach students according to their aptitude.
/However, if it is just to establish faith, it doesn’t matter. However, the church will not do such irresponsible things that only take benefits.
“Senior sister, there are a lot of people here.” Guo Rongjin also expressed helplessness to the crowd. Is Ai Shengtang really going to accept these people with impure intentions?
Hu Jing smiled slightly, “As long as you are willing to abide by the rules set by the church, why not accept i

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