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Linglong was ashamed and angry, stamping her feet angrily, “Why are humans so irresponsible!”
Master Wang sneezed. Did Her Royal Highness change her mind again?
/He was not suitable for fighting now, so Wang Zhenren accelerated and ran all the way.
Linglong really didn’t have time to chase Wang Meng because she was already surrounded by more than thirty monks.
“Hand over the soul stone and spare your life!”
The eyes of the monks were full of lust. At this time, Linglong exuded a fascinating charm, which made all the monks unable to control it. Thinking about the pile of soul stones, one vote would make them rich.
Wealth should not be exposed.
Obviously Linglong doesn’t understand this, and Tongxian Chamber of Commerce is really not that easy to offend.
Obviously, they would not break up with Wang Meng, but the matter could not end like this.
Businessmen, interests are at risk.
Linglong’s anger has reached its peak. It’s just that she was bullied by Wang Meng, but now she even dares to be arrogant.
A crystal silver light flashed in the exquisite eyes.
“Eh, why is it snowing???”
Opening their hands, a group of monks also felt strange.
“Be careful, it’s her spell!”
Linglong’s arms opened wide, and suddenly a brilliant white light erupted.
The human monks had almost finished posing, and all of them turned into ice sculptures.
Skills and so on are so pale in front of the dragon clan’s powerful dragon language spells.
The surrounding area of ??100 meters was frozen into a world of ice and snow. Looking at the crystal clear landscape, Linglong felt a little better.
The dragon’s mental power can be used to attack directly, but the most powerful one is the spell released by combining mental power with dragon power. This is difficult for humans to do and is impossible to guard against.
It would be difficult for Master Wang to use this move, but Linglong just wanted to compete with Wang Meng, and she didn’t want to use such a highly destructive spell.
However, there was a burning pain in her buttocks and a bit of soreness and numbness. Linglong felt that her legs were a little weak.
What’s going on here?
The image of Wang Meng magnified in Linglong’s heart. How could this bad guy have such a strong spiritual power?
Is he giving himself up?
Linglong suddenly thought of a question. Maybe only his father’s level could know how powerful Wang Meng was. Otherwise, how could his father’s vision treat Xiao Yuanyuan differently?
Linglong was really conflicted. The most important thing was that after venting her anger, she found that she didn’t hate Wang Meng at all, but instead had an indescribable emotion.
Stomping your feet, Linglong rises into the sky
Zhenren Wang has already embarked on the road to Storm City. The city where Fan Ru is located is the Storm City of Saint Xiu.
Storm City is much larger than Xueyue City. It is a truly top-level holy city. It is home to the Qingyun Sect, which is the eighth in the Star Alliance. The Fahua Sect led by Fan Ru is also among them. However, Fahua Sect’s rece

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