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However, two green rays of light appeared faintly in the depths of his eyes, and the shadow of the light reflected the shadow of a majestic sacred tree standing tall in the sky.
Demon Saint Bai Ze felt the seal of the heavenly sacred tree taking root, and his face changed slightly.
In this space, he was unknowingly plotted by Changsheng Taoist Master.
The seed of the heavenly sacred tree contains a special kind of divine power. It seems to be a whole and it is endless. Even if he uses the secret method of the heavenly demon to continuously erode its vitality, it cannot pose a threat to him. It can still turn over. Eat away at his heavenly demon roots.
Demon Saint Bai Ze knows very well that if this continues, he has no chance of winning.
The unknown powerful man was enough to make him cautious, and there was also an Immortal Taoist who was watching eagerly next to him.
The most important thing is that this place is the opponent’s home court.
But Demon Saint Bai Ze was still a little reluctant to let him give up the mission.
After thinking about it, he still made a decision.
In front of him, the dim brilliance of the Iron-Blooded King’s flag and the Demon King’s catalog condensed into shape again, and the brilliance was blazing in front of him.
Boom! !
Above the sky, countless phantoms of mountains, rivers and mountains emerged, as if the origin of the endless earth was completely manifested at this moment, turning into magnificent phantoms of the universe, heaven and earth, and instantly merged into a purple-yellow dragon-shaped phantom in the void. Among them, speeding towards him.
But in an instant, several purple-blue rays of light emerged from it.
It was like several terrifying rivers of thunder rushing from the depths of the void. In an instant, billions of thunder lights exploded from it. Earth-shattering thunder light flowed across the sky and clashed with the purple-yellow dragon shadow.
At this moment, the Shanhe Sheji Map seemed to have evolved into a cosmic void filled with countless Thunder Avenue rules. It seemed that every source of energy from the heaven and earth was absorbed and entangled by the terrifying Thunder Avenue rules.
Billions of voids collapsed.
/Even the secret space formed by the Mountains and Rivers Sheji Map was surrounded by countless thunder bombs, revealing some clues.
Above the void, Zhang Jian felt the tingling sensation of the other side’s will deep in the center of his eyebrows. However, the huge soul’s will was directly integrated into the Mountains and Rivers Sheji Map, and he was not afraid of the terrifying thunder stimulation, trying to lock down the Baize Demon. Where the true form of the Holy Spirit is.
The majestic Yuan Shen’s will is mighty and powerful, blooming with immeasurable divine light, prompting the Mountains, Rivers and State Map to swallow up the thunder and thunder seas.
It was just that Zhang Jian’s majestic will on the other side shone through the void, but he noticed that a qi machine had taken the opportunity to tear apart the time a

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