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s a bit whimsical, which means you still have to face it yourself.


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A feeling of weakness came, Wang Meng felt a blur, and Duan Tianya began to dissipate
Opening his eyes, he found that he was still in his room.
/He patted his forehead. Although he didn’t find the use of the godhead, at least he didn’t lie there like before. If he tried slowly, he would always find a way to use it.
Chapter 6 Survive first
The people from Tianxin Fort are not looking for trouble. What Tianxin Patriarch has to worry about now is the alliance of the Eight Great Forts.
After knowing that Tianxin Fort had taken refuge with the Ten Thousand Demons Sect, other castles also began to seek refuge with forces. The alliance of the Eight Great Forts still had many headaches. At least until the Ten Thousand Demons Sect really defeated the three major sects, there was no one who could command the world. strength.
It’s just that the three major sects didn’t give the Ten Thousand Demons Sect a sufficient response, which was a happy thing. As for Yang Ying and her daughter, Tianxinbao didn’t bother to pay attention, and there was no need to break up with the Holy Church at this time.
But what Brother Long Xi and Long Qing think is another matter.
Wang Meng didn’t have time to consider the ideas of these little men. Yang Qingzi was placed in Tongming City, close to the Holy Church. Moreover, due to the current situation, the Holy Church also strengthened its control over the surrounding cultivation cities.
Wang Meng and Yang Ying returned to Lei Guangtang. Naturally, everyone was ecstatic to see each other after a while.
During this period of Wang Meng’s absence, the Nine Branches of the Holy Church have also undergone considerable changes. Lei Guangtang has more than doubled in size, which makes Hu Jing very busy. However, this process is good, and the results of the victory must be consolidated. In the future, Lei Guangtang will It is the first branch. It must have the status and strength worthy of it, and this is by no means achieved overnight. The disciples of Lei Guangtang also know that it is almost Wang Meng who has carried Lei Guangtang on his shoulders to advance and achieve glory, and now he must hold on to it. Glory depends on everyone working together.
Suo Ming showed off his skills and made a lot of delicious food. Wang Meng also had to eat and drink with everyone. Zhou Feng also gave him a few days to rest, no matter how urgent it was, he would not miss these few days.
“Brother Meng, I have been improving recently and I will catch up with you soon!”
/Zhang Xiaopang said cheerfully. He ate vigorously, and Qiuqiu beside him also had a good appetite.
“I know it’s nonsense.” Hu Jing would not save face for Zhang Xiaopang.
“Jingjing, don’t hit me all the time. I call it setting goals.”
“Just be honest with me and concentrate on your cultivation. Don’t think about exchanging experiences with the junior sisters all day long!”
Liu Mei glared at Zhang Xiaopang fiercely, and took Yang Ying’s hand, “Sister Ying, let me tell you, no ma

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