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lood light lingered on the sword, and it instantly turned into a dark sword shadow that penetrated the sky and the earth and struck towards the river of destiny.


Feb 29, 2024

The light of killing bloomed, and a thick and ominous blood shadow seemed to linger on the entire river of destiny at this moment.
This scene attracted the attention of many powerful people deep in the Tianfu Realm.
“Blood Shadow Heavenly Lord!”
The gods looked sideways, but in an instant they looked horrified.
I saw the terrifying and majestic figure above the river of destiny facing the bloody sword shadow. He just stretched out a palm slightly, as if blocking the sky and the sun, covering most of the river of destiny. If you move your fingertips a little further, you can see the terrifying blood shadow. The sword light gradually condenses on the river of destiny.
Click, click, click!
The next moment, with a flick of his fingertips, the entire body of the terrifying blood shadow sword suddenly collapsed.
Many terrifying strong men were able to sense that countless cracks seemed to appear in the law of killing in the Tianfu Realm at this moment. The magnificent divine energy followed this terrifying crack until before the magnificent blood shadow, a faint voice sounded.
“If you hadn’t protected her and saved me a lot of trouble, your actions would have been completely useless!”
A cold voice emerged, and a handful of divine light instantly illuminated hundreds of dark realms around this layer.
Under the divine light, one figure after another looked frightened. They couldn’t help but raise their hands to cover their eyes, looking horrified.
But in an instant, their true bodies turned into ashes.
/Their evil spirit bodies cannot withstand such terrifying divine light. Even a glance from the corner of their eyes is enough to distort time and space and tear apart their souls and souls.
After wandering for a while, it enveloped one of the mountains. The brilliance rolled up a figure out of thin air and disappeared in the vast and dark world of Dark Talisman.
On the throne of God, the Blood Shadow Heavenly Lord looked at this scene. The blazing sword light around his body was about to burst out, and the scarlet sword intent was glowing deep in his eyes. However, his face changed for a moment and he had to suppress it.
He knew that he was no match for that terrifying powerful man.
If provocation continues, the other party may not show mercy again.
His eyes were cold, and his face gradually became cold, but he held the blood-red sword tightly in his hand, feeling angry and helpless.
And his unwillingness to fall into the long river of fate, in the eyes of the tyrannical wills wandering around the periphery of the long river of fate, is that the magnificent wills are all a little shaken.
There are four great ancestors in the Tianfu world who control the natural order in the Tianfu world, but other than that, the four great ancestors are not without opponents.
Many extremely tyrannical ancient saints were born in the Heavenly Talisman Realm.

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