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very fast speed.


Feb 27, 2024

The body of the Immortal Sword was contaminated by mud and blood, and in the blink of an eye, bones could be seen everywhere on the body.
“The gravity is so violent, it must have been affected by the formation, and it won’t last long.”
Lu Bei gritted his teeth and comforted himself.
There was a hissing sound in his ears, and he saw that the Withered Cicada Bell was unable to hold up and was losing faster than him, so he had no choice but to take out the Zixiao Pagoda as a substitute.
As one of the three sacred artifacts of Xiongchu, the Zixiao Pagoda is many times more powerful than the other artifact, the Xuanzhu Bow. Lu Bei guessed that the two magic weapons are different, and that the Xuanzhu Bow can exert its full power in the hands of the Gu family.
This has nothing to do with him. The treasure Mo Buxiu picked up based on his ability, the master he worshiped based on his ability, and the inheritance passed down to him are his. If Xiongchu wants to take it back, he can go to Mo Buxiu to reason with him.
Sure enough, the Purple Sky Tower’s defense is far above the Cicada Bell. The purple divine light turtle shell generally resists the erosion of mud. Judging from the posture, it can last for at least five minutes.
What should we do if the power of the formation lingers after five minutes?
Lu Bei looked solemn and thought. Whenever the Immortal Sword Body recovered, he endured the pain and went out to upgrade. After three or five rounds, the sword body soared five levels and reached Level 9.
But even so, it can’t stop the evil spirit in the dirty blood.
“I can’t continue, otherwise my body will be destroyed.”
Lu Bei secretly gritted his teeth, taking a lesson from the experience of Sword Fierce Dugu. Otherwise, if he had been soaked in the filthy demon blood with chaotic blood vessels for a long time, and his body was swollen like Dugu’s sarcoma, God knows what he would have become after being contaminated.
Monsters like tentacles might be popular with witches, but his concubines are all decent women. If he dares to change, they will kick him out.
Finally, Zixiao Tower could no longer hold on any longer.
But no.
There are many demon clans whose bones are buried here. They were all people with great supernatural powers during their lifetimes. None of them escaped. It would be too difficult to turn into a golden-winged roc. I am afraid that they didn’t even flutter twice before they finally transformed into a human golden-winged roc. Peng became thick water.
Just as he was thinking about it, the world suddenly became silent.
Purple Sky Tower passed through the invisible barrier and arrived at a dark and dead silence. The corrosive evil spirit disappeared, the filth disappeared, and instead, there was an eternal peace.
Darkness is eternity and represents peace.
/Lu Bei tried to leave the Zixiao Tower, and a sharp pain hit his heart. It was not corrosion, but more like
“No way, has it been turned into wine?”
Lu Bei bared his teeth and waited for the sword bod

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