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/He thought about it carefully, “It seems that the upper limit is three people? I really haven’t paid attention to this issue.”
“Erlang Temple hopes you can give me a place.” Zhu Erhuan moved, and it seemed that he wanted to kneel down again.
“Sit down!” Li Yongsheng was annoyed and scolded him in a low voice, “Are you afraid that others won’t find me? You have to know that if there are too many competitors, your little Erlang Temple wants to compete for a spot. There is no way Advantage.”
“But” Zhu Erhuan froze in fright. After hesitating for a moment, he spoke firmly, “But I really want a place.” ”
This is difficult,” Li Yongsheng replied calmly, “To be honest , I have never considered giving any quota to this plane.”
Zhu Erhuan was stunned when he heard this, “How could this happen? You have to leave one for the Ninth Princess, right?” ”
Haha,” Li Yongsheng laughed dryly, you just now It’s a joke. Yongxin has awakened. Do you need me to reserve a place for her?
He shook his head, “I’m different from other Guanfeng users. I generally wouldn’t consider such a thing. If you want to get some benefits, it’s best to show that your value can make my heart beat.”
He originally wanted to refuse directly. , but think about it again, if you refuse like this, some people will lose the motivation to fight, and their work may also become half the result with twice the effort, which is not good.
The existence of the Guanfeng Envoy is, firstly, to observe the sentiments of the people, and secondly, to make decisions for the forces in the lower realm, including boosting morale.
If Erlang Temple can really do something big, it is normal for him to share the quota as a reward. Although this is Guanfeng envoy giving up his own interests, he does not care about these quotas in the first place.
Of course, if Erlang Temple can’t do anything and wants to reap the benefits of empty talk, then it’s better to just go to bed.
However, he was willing to let go. For Zhu Erhuan, it was already an unexpected surprise. He suppressed the ecstasy in his heart and asked in a trembling voice, “Then what can I do for the immortal envoy?” ”
You don’t have to do this. Ask me,” Li Yongsheng smiled, “Since you have met Zhenjun Simao, you should know what Guanfeng Envoy mainly cares about and how to reflect your value. This is your business, not mine.”
Zhu Erhuan was stunned for a while. Then he nodded slowly, “Oh.”
“Then go ahead,” Li Yongsheng picked up the book again, planning to read.
However, Master Zhu did not leave. He hesitated for a moment and then asked again, “I would like to ask the Immortal Envoy again. If my performance is satisfactory to the Immortal Envoy, can I recommend someone else to replace me?” ”
Eh? ?” Li Changsheng glanced sideways in surprise, “You don’t want to go yourself?”
Chapter 549: True Lord’s Treatment.
/The Immortal Realm is many times stronger than the Xuanqing Plane where the Kingdom of China is located.
If you can cultivate to a high-level real person in this plane, a

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