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the Erlang Temple, but Buqi’s certificate was verified in the mountains, and that place is not too far from the Kuxi tribe’s activity area.”


Feb 27, 2024

the Erlang Temple, but Buqi’s certificate was verified in the mountains, and that place is not too far from the Kuxi tribe’s activity area.”
/After all, Gongsun Buqi was in order not to Due to interference, Zhenzhen chose to go outside the Erlang Temple, which was indeed a last resort.
Gongsun Buqi kept a dark face and said nothing, but Gongsun Dangxing asked in a deep voice, “How many people are there in this Kuxi tribe?”
After asking this question, the four families in Xijiang turned their heads and looked at Yun Canghai. .
/Yun Canghai blushed when he saw it, “Since they worshiped the True God Religion, they have nothing to do with my Yun family, but there are still many people who do not believe in the True God Religion.” The
three pass certificates of the Gongsun family did not Talk and just look at him.
“Okay, there are more than ten thousand of them.” Yun Canghai was so numb that he could only say again, “It has nothing to do with my Yun family.” ”
Alas,” Gongsun Buqi heard the words and sighed softly, “Look I have to owe the White Tiger Temple another favor.”
Yun Canghai could only smile bitterly in return. It seemed that the Kuxi tribe was going to have the Taoist palace rules enforced by the White Tiger Temple.
A tribe with more than 10,000 people is not considered a small tribe. It can have at least about 2,000 strong men. It is considered a very large village in the hinterland of Middle-earth. It will be quite difficult for the Gongsun family to massacre this tribe.
In fact, in the hinterland of China, the massacre of a village of a thousand people was enough to alarm the imperial court.
The death of thousands of people is already terrifying, but the massacre of a village is even more terrifying, as it represents extreme cruelty.
However, if the White Tiger Temple comes forward, there will be no difficulty. The four major palaces will not enter the world of mortals, but in any case, they are one of the two major systems. If they encounter very important things, they can just inform the government before operating.
The Gongsun family has suffered such a heavy loss. After finding out the real culprit, it is impossible not to take revenge. A true king can influence the rise and fall of a family within a hundred years. You know, there are ten Kusi in the Gongsun family. There are so many tribes.
The Gongsun family did not dare to casually kill tens of thousands of people in Western Xinjiang – in fact, it didn’t matter if they really wanted to go all out, but this kind of uncontrolled killing was deeply abhorred by the government.
Therefore, they follow the rules of the Taoist Palace. Anyway, it is natural for the Taoist Palace to deal with the True God Sect.
Zhu Erhuan glanced at Yun Canghai, hesitated, and nodded, “For this matter, we can use the messenger from Erlang Temple.” ”
Then it’s settled,” Scholar Huyan said simply, and then he glanced at Yun Canghai , “Canghai, put an end to your faults. After they decided to betray the Yun family, it has nothing to do with you.”

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