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ut Zhenren Zhu, are you?”


Feb 27, 2024

ut Zhenren Zhu, are you?”
Li Yongsheng ignored him at all, and spoke directly to the Second Temple Zhu, “If you can let me take a look at you Erlang’s divine eyes, maybe I can think of a way to treat Zhu Zhu.”
“What?” Ermiao Zhu screamed, do you know what you are talking about? “That’s our temple-suppressing treasure!”
“That’s right,” Li Yongsheng nodded. Of course he knew the weight of the temple-suppressing treasure. No matter what kind of power, something that can be called the Dinghai Divine Needle has never been kept secret. To show others.
If it hadn’t been for the cross-border connection that he wanted to establish with a true king this time, it would have been impossible for Zhu Erhuan to come up with this thing.
But Li Yongsheng’s idea was to use this temple-protecting treasure. He replied expressionlessly, “But it was the Erlang Divine Eye that hurt Master Zhu.”
Ermiao Zhu was speechless. After a pause, he finally Shaking his head in distress, “I really can’t make the decision in this matter, but Master Li, can you tell me your plan?” Li Yongsheng
spread his hands and replied helplessly, “I haven’t seen Erlang’s divine eye yet, where can I say it?” Can you explain your plan clearly? As a doctor, if you haven’t seen the patient, can you come up with a prescription?” ”
This” the Second Temple Congratulations started to be in trouble. The treasure of the temple is only invited by the host during the annual ceremony, and it is also If you don’t show it to the outside world, even the lower-ranking priests in the temple can’t see it.
Only during the ten-year ceremony can all the priests in the temple see this temple treasure.
/This Erlang Divine Eye can not only be used for fighting, but also for diagnosing diseases. However, this function is generally not open to outsiders. It is used to test it for people in the temple during the ceremony.
In the past, the county governor’s wife was seriously ill and wanted to be tested with Erlang Shen’s Eye. The price was easily negotiable, but the host was not moved at all. Later, the Huyan family came forward as a guarantee, and the county governor’s wife paid a large fee to get tested once. .
/This is because the Zisun Temple cannot be separated from the world of mortals, so it has to sell the face of the provincial party committee secretary to a once reclusive family like the Huyan family. The governor of a county wants to see the family’s treasure. Don’t even think about it.
Most of the people who had seen it were dead.
Therefore, Ermiao Zhu couldn’t be the master at all. He didn’t doubt that Li Yongsheng had other ideas. After all, the Gongsun family was also a well-known brand. In terms of influence, it was much more influential than the Huyan family. The disaster that Zhu Zhenren suffered this time was also to protect Gongsun. No matter what, if the Gongsun family dares to do evil at this time, then they really won’t be a good person in the future.
But if you can’t be the master, you can’t be the master. Only the presiding officer can cont

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