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“Bring him in, I’m in a hurry.”


Feb 26, 2024

“Bring him in, I’m in a hurry.”
After some interrogation , it didn’t take long, the nine-tailed fox is best at confusing people’s minds, and it will not hurt people’s sea of ??consciousness like ordinary soul searching.
The suspect was finally found, and surprisingly, well, surprisingly, the problem lay with the Scouts.
The reason why it is surprising is that the problem does not lie with the personal guards assigned by Gu Jun – after the incident with the Princess of Qin, Li Yongsheng’s requirements have become very low: Don’t let the people close to you have the problem, that is Good thing.
If there is a problem with oneself, the harm to people is really too great.
As for why they are in the scout team, this is normal. Scouts in this plane are not just for reconnaissance. They have to receive a lot of high-level information. Not only do they have to conduct targeted investigations, but they also have to learn to analyze intelligence.
In this way, even if all the scouts are killed, they still have the opportunity to report their analysis of the situation and hide it anywhere. If this report is found in the military camp, what they will get is not fragmented information, but analyzed information.
Under this mechanism, the presence of spies among the scouts can also have a great impact.
Let’s just say that this Gu Jun officer may have been assassinated. Why did the scouts work?
/The reason was simple. If Gu Maozhen had an impromptu idea and wanted to inspect somewhere, the scouts would first explore the route to ensure that there were no conspicuous people or weird things around, so that the military envoy could make the trip.
In this way, the assassin can of course accurately grasp the whereabouts of the military envoy.
Gu Maozhen also breathed a sigh of relief. In fact, he was also worried that something was wrong with his most trusted person. Since it was not the problem, not only was he relieved, but the impact on the military camp could also be reduced a lot.
Scouts are considered elites in the military, and the presence of spies is heartbreaking, but the damage is ultimately much less.
The high-level information they know is often fragmented, and most of it is to better complete the investigation mission.
But the next moment, his face darkened, “Is there something wrong with the logistics people?”
This scout was bribed, but it was not seduced by outsiders, but the logistics people in the army bribed him with information.
This nature is really scary when you think about it.
In the Xuanqing plane, people in the army’s logistics department are actually not very valued.
But among the people present, there were not many rookies. Although there is no saying here that “war is fought by logistics”, but who doesn’t know the importance of logistics to war?
What’s even worse is that logistics is a big job, and there are only a few ordinary people who can work there.
The problem was caused by a clerk in the logistics department. He was actually responsible for accounting and had no rea

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