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y distinctive. If you deliberately hide it, you may be able to deceive many people, but under the scan of his spiritual mind, there should be no escape.


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y distinctive. If you deliberately hide it, you may be able to deceive many people, but under the scan of his spiritual mind, there should be no escape.
Even if he made a mistake, Suzaku couldn’t make a mistake and ignore the existence of such a pass.
But the instructions from the Tianji Pan told him that this person was related to the True God Religion—to be precise, related to the Old Religion.
It wasn’t until he came to this person that he felt a little dazed.
However, he still had to ask aloud to see how Zhang Laoshi would answer.
Zhang Laoshi stood there blankly for a long time before sighing and speaking in a difficult voice, “I heard that Shopkeeper Li is an amazingly talented and beautiful person. I saw him today, but I would say that I have nothing to do with the True God Sect. It doesn’t matter, I’m afraid you don’t believe it.”
“It doesn’t matter?” Li Yongsheng chuckled lightly and tossed the disc in his hand, “If I really believed what you said, I would be ‘meh’, right? ”
Zhang Laoshi was silent again, and after a while he answered, “I really shouldn’t be using your words with you. It’s true that I have some relationship with the True God Religion, but it only has that little relationship.” ”
Really?” Li Yongsheng’s She raised her brows and looked at him with interest.
Zhang Laoshi knew that the other party should be inclined to believe his words, otherwise, with his strength, he would directly bring the law enforcement team from the Dao Palace over.
However, this kind of trust is also limited. He knew that he had to give sufficient reasons, “Really speaking, my parents are true believers, but I truly admire the Chinese culture. I don’t know if you believe it or not. ?”
“I kind of believe it,” Li Yongsheng nodded and spoke calmly, “Chinese-earth culture does have such charm, and you are also a genuine spiritual practitioner, but why do you go against your parents’ wishes?”
“Because the True God Sect is really a bit ignorant, even the old sect,” Zhang Laoshi replied expressionlessly, “As for where my cultivation comes from, have you ever heard of the Lone Wolf of the Criminal Apprehension Department?”
Li Yongsheng originally said He looked at the other party leisurely. When he heard this, he couldn’t help but narrow his eyes, “You are actually a lone wolf?”
The most famous of the current criminal arrest department are the four major catchers, but the four major catchers themselves admit that they are far inferior to their predecessors, the lone wolves.
/The lone wolf not only roamed the Middle-Earth, but also went to many countries to capture fugitives. He went to the Ivan Kingdom and the Crescent Moon Kingdom, completing all kinds of impossible tasks on his own.
More than twenty years ago, Lone Wolf realized the truth on his own—not with the help of a treasure of luck, which meant that he was qualified to be the deputy director of the Criminal Investigation Department.
However, at this juncture, the lone wolf disappeared mysteriously, becoming a famous and unsolvable myst

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