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ho did you hear this from?” “


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ho did you hear this from?” ”
Gongsun Weiming,” The Blood Demon revealed the source of the information without hesitation, “I think this is very consistent with the inherited memory left by the ancestor. It is said that the Blood Ancestor and the Cult Master were originally from the same family.” ”
You don’t need to tell me about that nonsense. We all know,” Li Yongsheng waved his hand and spoke impatiently, and then he became more interested, “Memory inheritance? It seems that the old bat is very interested in the Xuanqing plane. Are you from across the plane?”
” No,” the blue-grey bat kept shaking his head, “I am a Xuanqing native, and I have received a drop of ancestral blood.”
Li Yongsheng nodded, “You are very lucky to get such an opportunity.”
He knew very well that the Blood Demon’s tricks were actually The inheritance of a cultivation method. A little bat can evolve into the first-generation blood demon by getting a drop of so-called ancestral blood. This is nothing short of a great opportunity.
After all, the blood demon can be regarded as a god, but it is a mutant, taking shortcuts, and it looks very anti-human.
“I’m so lucky!” The green-grey bat yelled angrily. “The first time I went out, before I even took a sip of hot blood, I was caught by the instructors and suppressed for hundreds of years. I was finally rescued and fell into trouble again. Fall into your hands!”
“Huh?” Li Yongsheng looked at him coldly, “Are you unwilling to fall into my hands?”
/“Okay, I am willing,” the Blood Demon didn’t want to argue with him, although it He is a Xuanqing native, but after all, he has the inherited memory of the blood ancestor. Unlike those second and third generation blood demons, he knows how terrifying the Tao Palace is.
Others say that the skills in Middle-earth restrain the blood demons, so the blood demons dare not go to Middle-earth. This is not wrong, but the most fundamental reason is that the first generation of blood demons all know that the Tao Palace in Middle-earth How powerful and terrifying there is in the upper realm.
But it still has to fight, “Once I surrender, what will happen to this blood food?”
What else are you thinking about? When Li Yongsheng heard this, he almost got angry, but finally snorted, “Aren’t there cattle and sheep? Just eat that.” ”
Cattle and sheep?” The green-grey bat’s eyes widened, “Okay.” Xuan jumped out of the jade trough, “You want me to eat those?”
The blood demon also talks about purity when it comes to sucking blood. Human blood is the best food. Of course, it is better if there is incense in the body – especially the incense of teasing. It is a great tonic that can help them improve their cultivation level quickly.
/What’s wrong with sucking the blood of cattle and sheep? It’s simply too embarrassing, okay?
Li Yongsheng glanced at it indifferently and frowned slightly, “What, you don’t want to?”
The blood demon was very reluctant, but he didn’t dare to say it clearly, so he could only reply slowly, “Then I won’t suck the blood of you

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