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. Otherwise, how could the founders let him yell at him? Call.


Feb 18, 2024

In practice, strength still speaks.
It can be seen how much Zhou Feng hopes that Wang Meng will become an alchemy cultivator, but Wang Meng knows his own affairs. Fortunately, Zhou Feng wants to complete the alchemy recipe, which requires a lot of energy. Wang Meng has created a method that lacks the five elements, and the general direction can be determined. There is definitely no problem, but the confirmation of an elixir, especially one that will be used by many people in the future, requires precise refinement and finding the most suitable one to teach. At the same time, the effect of the elixir must be tested. Don’t take it. There may be side effects or other unexpected things, and these things are all handled by Zhou Feng.
Wang Meng went to strike iron.
Almost all the famous disciples in the temple have a kind of arrogance and are difficult to get close to. Even if they get close, they are on the same level as themselves. But Wang Meng is different. He gets along with everyone naturally. Even if he pretends to be true, everyone is not a fool.
Sometimes everyone couldn’t help but gossip. Wang Meng laughed it off and didn’t explain but didn’t say much, focusing on forging.
He knows the principles and general outlines of many things, but not the details. What he has to do now is the details, and find the transformation he needs through the details.
/Wang Meng started from the basics. It has to be said that in retrospect, the sword he forged earlier was technically unskilled, but the artistic conception at that time was indeed good enough, and it was completely a reflection of instinct.
To realize, not to realize for the sake of realizing, the first thing to do is to let go. When forging, Wang Meng must imagine himself as a body cultivator. He is more tired than ordinary body cultivators. When forging, body cultivators only need to use their own strength. Strength is enough, but as a sword cultivator, he needs to constantly stimulate Yuan Li, which increases the requirements for controlling Yuan Li, but Wang Meng can’t help but feel happy.
Sometimes life is like this, and he suddenly discovered that using Yuanli to forge is actually the best way to exercise the accuracy of Yuanli control.
Generally speaking, if you hit the body with one strike, it is much easier to control the power. This is also the characteristic of the body practice. The rhythm is fast and fierce because there is no process of combining and outputting the energy.
But sword cultivation is another matter. It requires the life marks to combine Yuanli and control the direction and rhythm at the same time. The higher the output, the more difficult it is.
Therefore, Wang Meng’s destruction rate is as high as others’ success rate.
The requirements for forging this thing are much lower than refining alchemy. Good weapons can be used, and bad weapons can be used. However, Wang Meng often refines them to waste. Fortunately, someone now has some wealth, so he can afford it.

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