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e cultivator in the sect was extremely enthusiastic and helped her dress up.


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The female cultivators said that women only look good to those who please them. Anyway, there are rumors flying all over Jiuzhu Mountain, and it can no longer be cleared up. It is better to follow the trend and let Head Lu of Sanqing Peak make his own decision.
Zhao Shiran did not refuse or agree. He came here just out of gratitude.
“Headmaster Zhao invites you, do you want to take two shots, Yi Yiqing?”
“Headmaster Lu invited me and I dare not refuse.” Zhao Shiran nodded and sat next to Lu Bei.
“As you say, just feel free to do it. Don’t take what happened that day to heart. I’m not helping you. I’m just looking at that person’s displeasure.”
“I understand, this is a pastry made by myself. I would like to ask Mr. Lu to comment on it.”
“That’s a good feeling”
She Yan: (Φ_Φ)
Behind the bushes, the invisible She Zhang’s eyes flickered, secretly thinking that Bai Jin was in trouble this time.
Ask yourself, if she were a man, she would also like a woman like Zhao Shiran.
“Tsk, I even made pastries. It was all in vain. I don’t know that in the Xiantian realm, there is nothing to eat without eating. Show off your talent and show that you can cook.”
“What’s so great about it? Is cooking difficult? Who can’t do the following? I wonder if Senior Sister Bai can do it?”
“This woman is very scheming, Senior Sister Bai may not be her opponent!”
Just when She Zhang was talking to himself and wondering how to help Bai Jin solve his problems, the scene on the bank of the pool changed. Lu Bei stuffed a box of cakes into his stomach and invited Zhao Shiran to eat after the meal.
/Zhao Shiran naturally wouldn’t refuse him because he was interested in elegance. Thinking of what the female nuns said, his face turned red again.
If the information is correct, the competition is not a competition, but a trial and error, looking for an opportunity to have a happy relationship, and then there will be
Bang! !
There was a loud noise, and Lu Bei squatted down next to Zhao Shiran, raising his hand to help him wipe away the blood from his mouth.
“Master Zhao, it’s okay. If nothing happens, I’ll make some gestures again.”
Not to mention how Zhao Shiran was messed up in the wind, She Zhang directly raised his hands to cover his face. Bai Jin was so relieved that he got up and returned to the backyard.
Yes, she was overthinking it.
For a moment, he got so caught up in the gossip that he forgot that Lu Bei was not a womanizer and only had evil intentions towards his senior sister.
/“Oh, what a pitiful man, I feel bad just looking at him. He is not kind to others, and he is not kind to others!” She Yan sighed repeatedly, which made Zhao Shiran feel distressed, and he couldn’t help but smile at the corner of his mouth.
Suddenly, I felt agitated for no reason, my feet were disobedient, and I went straight to the kitchen.
“Thank you, Master Lu, for your advice. If you have no other instructions, I will leave first.”
After seven or eight consecutive s

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