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ecessary. If Chu Weiyang could be defeated, perhaps it would be He can dominate all directions with his fierce momentum, sweeping away the last bit of inexplicable embarrassment.


Feb 17, 2024

On the spot, Qi Feiqiong stepped on the spiritual light and retreated towards Fang Yingying behind Chu Weiyang.
/She had no intention of getting involved in the fight.
This must be a grand battle between the two of them.
In this case, only with a guaranteed victory can you determine whether your choice is right or wrong.
But at this moment, as Zhang Du’s momentum emerged from the distance, and when he arrived at Chu Weiyang little by little, Chu Weiyang first methodically put Cheng Xuanzhong’s Qiankun bag into his waist, and stood in the air. At the same time, Fu looked at the extremely brutal battlefield of fighting on the island and reef atoll.
One side relies on quantity and the other relies on quality. The situation is still close to anxiety, and even this anxiety itself is getting more and more intense.
But Chu Weiyang can also understand that every time a breath passes, a cultivator from Fire Dragon Island will die.
Those monks who have been reflected in the mental memories that Chu Weiyang harvested, and who clearly have unique talents and profound knowledge in a certain path are dying!
In Chu Weiyang’s eyes, these people are not just pure evil cultivators, but evil cultivators with unique value!
They died in the hands of others, bleeding in mid-air in the deep night wind, and then dispersed with reluctance in the shrill roars. Whenever Chu Weiyang thought of this, he would be better than their relatives and friends, even more powerful than their relatives and friends. They themselves are even more distressed!
Just looking around from a distance, there were several people like this who ended up miserable under Chu Weiyang’s gaze.
Time waits for no one.
Suddenly, this urgent thought emerged in Chu Weiyang’s heart, and then, when Chu Weiyang looked at the five-colored dragons speeding over the other side, a certain impatience suddenly rose from his heart.
The lingering sound of the roar was still lingering in the night wind, but at this moment, Chu Weiyang only felt noisy.
Time passed by breath by breath, and more and more people looked at this place from afar.
Chu Weiyang even sensed the wisps of spiritual thoughts from many people reflected in the air.
Killings happen all the time, and it is rare in a generation for the great sect Daozi to be kidnapped and prepare a furnace.
It has become a matter witnessed by all cultivators.
This is fine, as it can cut through the knot quickly and save you a lot of trouble.
As soon as he thought of this, before Zhang Du’s figure arrived, Chu Weiyang took a step forward and flicked his wrist.
At this moment, I don’t know whether the bright white light on the sword fell first, or the bright light intertwined with Xuan Lei and blood flames rose first.
But when all the spiritual lights were intertwined, Chu Weiyang’s body was bathed in thunder and fire, and his figure suddenly swell

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