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and levels, but when applied to a monk, it is ultimately a supreme practice.


Feb 17, 2024

Since it is a supreme practice, it requires the condensation of the seal seeds, and the seal patterns must be integrated into the foundation of Tao and Dharma, so that the teachings can stably linger in the meridians and spread in the magic power.
This is how to practice the law.
But at this moment, it is also accompanied by the opportunity to overlap, interweave and resonate with each other.
The immeasurable spiritual light accompanies the flow of the meridians around the sky, and finally turns into five colors. After leaping into the stomach alchemy cauldron, it is suddenly surrounded by jade fireworks and melted in a furnace.
Chu Weiyang chose a rather deviant practice. He did not need to set up the Qiankun Dharma Furnace, the Stomach Pill Cauldron was his Qiankun Dharma Furnace!
He doesn’t need to activate the fire of foundation, the jade fireworks are the fire of foundation!
Moreover, through the joint anchoring of the divine form and the treasure, finally, in a flash, a real apricot-yellow prismatic seed with both virtual and real qualities was suspended in Chu Weiyang’s stomach pouch. middle.
That is the Yuan embryo of the Langhuan seal pattern. One day, the true Langhuan seal that points directly to the great road will be condensed from it!
/It was at this moment, when the seal seed was buzzing, as if deciding where to smelt it, that the vague meaning of the mutual resonance between the divine form and the divine form was transmitted to the stomach alchemy cauldron.
Those foundations belonging to the five elements are rejuvenated.
In an instant, all the chakras of the five internal organs were illuminated by the spiritual light, and the stomach pill cauldron was trembling and buzzing, revealing the “Dao Heng Diagram” and the “Five Elements and Hundred Flowers Poisonous Evil Sumeru Formation Diagram” that was integrated with it and had two sides. , revealing the coexistence between the two pictures and the stomach sac alchemy tripod, which is both virtual and real.
As a result, that kind of interweaving and resonance has spread from the Five Elements Taoism to many fields and levels.
In an instant, the brightly shining seal script melted from the changing spiritual light, turning into a real torrent of apricot-yellow spiritual light, which submerged into the stomach pill cauldron, and into the “Dao Heng Diagram” and “Xuxu”. “Mi Zhen Diagram”, and then, with the spread of the five-color spiritual light, the torrent of wandering even points directly to the level of “Daozhou Diagram”.
Especially the interweaving and resonance of “Dao Zhou Tu”! You know, this is not just an overlap at the level of Five Elements and Taoism!
The “Daozhou Diagram” was originally composed of the nine-fold Feng Shui Kanyu Talisman Formation of the past, and the Langhuan Seal Seal Seed is the supreme achievement of the Earth Master’s lineage of seal patterns!
In an instant, “Tao Zhou Tu” began to intertwine and resonate with it in all directions!

By sangna